How to Defrag a Hard Drive

Kids, do not try this at home.

That is some funny stuff…the steel wool was my favorite part!

uncontrollable laughter That was a little too fucked up. I have an old HD I oughta try that on… it’s a 2 gig one that’s prolly dead anyway… Might be fun.

That was good. :smiley: I need to do that to my old HD one of these days.

I’d think I’d find that funny, but for some reason I didn’t. Each step seemed too obvious.

look up “thermite” and see if you can find the dudes taht use it to “erase” data.

Thermite is one of the most awesome things EVER. That shit’s dangerous to create though.

Works beautifully on cars.

I just throw them into the dishwasher; less work.

I almost thought it was serious, till the second page… O_O

If I had a spare hard drive, I’d do that to it too… :slight_smile:

heh heh … Thermite!!!..(starts humming earache my eye).