How to brew beer in a coffeepot

Pay attention, class.

It seems I learn something new here everyday.

:moogle: taking excess amount of notes

Cerveza con caffe~!

This is how the Kennedys and Larry Flynt got their respective starts.

Damn. I gotta try that.

<CENTER><B>How To Brew Beer in a Coffeepot</B>
or: How I Contracted a Bacterial Infection from my Home-Brewn Beer!</CENTER>

Oh, lovely. Two awful tasting drinks made with the same apparatus.

My mom’s dad and uncle and grandpa use to make home-made whisky. The stuff was SO strong… it killed her grandpa. >.> Family recipe she says.

Does any know how come I NEVER have a Hang over? I Get SOOOOOOOO Pissed over 1 pint, I’ll still be drunk several days later!!!

Wide a wake and Double Buzzing will annoy Weilia…