How the hell did this happen?!?

Jesus o.O

I think there is more to it than just speed. Some parts of the car are relatively intact. I would expect a hit that torn the car in three would cause a more homogeneous damage.

My thoughts are: the car hit a tree head-on and instead of being stopped it was deflected. Then it hit another tree, with the impact point being close to the center of the bottom side of the car, which ripped the two chunks appart. Each part was then at a lower speed. The rear halves then hit trees again and stopped.

Edit: I took a better view at the photos. I don’t know how come I counted three chunks instead of two >_<

That’s just nasty.

I’m surprised I didn’t see people parts or at least a bloodstain or two.

That’s creepy.

It’s a fake. No blood, that’s gotta be fake.

I notice that the close up of the steering wheel shows a good picture of the speedometer and the like. 100mph…at least, I think it’s mph.

Very fast.
It’s pretty obvious there weren’t any humans inside that Audi. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t done.

Is someone selling car bazookas now? :thud:

me mate Nick’d probably have that road-worthy in a couple of days, though :wink:

Maybe… Maybe it came from the sky and hit the tree? I dunno.

It was probably spinning and got T-Boned by a tree. One helluva tree I might add.

Originally posted by Steve
Jesus o.O

yeah. O.o

If you look at the bottom of the first pic and left side of the fourth, you’ll see some stuff wrapped in white blankets. Could those possibly be bodies?

Still, the lack of blood really makes all this stuff seem like a well made hoax.

I think if the body (ies) was thrown out , it makes sense we wouldn’t see blood.

I got this from the site:

It’s a fake, reasons:

There is no blood. [Ren’s note: argueable]

There is no fuel/oil/water or anything. You will note the engine is clean of fluids as is the rear of the car (fuel tank) which has crashed backwards into a tree.

There is no glass. If you pay any attention to the scene you will notice there is no glass anywhere not in the car, on the ground or left in any of the frames.

The ground is unbroken. Given that most of the crashed components are sharp and quite heavy the ground is not broken, look again at the engine if that had flown out of the car and crashed into the gound…

I think the last two reasons prove it’s a fake.

Also, the aribags didn’t pop up.

Hope no one was hurt -_-

Yeah, my gut tells me it’s fake too. No glass/blood/fuel/torn ground kinda gives it away.

However, fake or not, it’s pretty neat looking. Like looking at a train wreck, without the nagging conscience.

The whole thing looks pretty fake to me, but if it wasn’t… 0_o ouch…

Yeah, I think it’s fake too for reasons that Ren found.

I really hope this is a fake.

Where’s all the blood?