How’s Valkyrie Profile?

It’s been sitting in the store for a while now and I’m considering buying it (Since my search for Lunar: SSSC was a total failure). Gimme a rundown and tell me what you think about it.

I’ve never played it, but one of my friends said it was awesome. She’s fairly trustworthy.

I personally loved it, I’ve yet to beat the game because (for me) it got so progressively hard that I was unable to keep up with the pace. The character designs are amazing, the voice acting isnt bad, infact I liked it quite a bit. The battle system was fun and with all the characters that you’ll constantly be training for the after life you’ll be sure to get nice variety. The music is great, I bought the soundtrack.

Hmm, all I can say is it was good but really hard. Either that or I suck. But I found some of the dungeons to be retardedly difficult.

Get it. NOW. I don’t care how much the price is, march down and wait at that store until it opens. VP is a great game and exceedingly rare.

Yep, this guy’s right. You should get it.

All I have to say is if you don’t buy VP, you’ll be hating life for not doing so.

If you liked Star Ocean, you will like VP. Well, the only similarities are the in-battle voices, the elegant music and the skill system. Probably a little bit more, but VP really stands on it’s own too. let me begin.

Gameplay- it’s very linear, and yes, it’s in 2D. You will NEVER get lost in VP, because you will be told what to do and then you will go do it. You’ll receive instructions from Freya, your guide, or you will seek out new comrades, and dungeons by levitating in the air and stripping. I’m lying about the last part, but let’s pretend I fooled you. Although VP is an rpg, it’s more like a beat the dungeon, move on to the next dungeon kind of game, and the only story you’ll find will be given to you when you receive your Einherjar. More on that later. The backbone of the story is for you, Valkyrie, to find souls worthy enough to fight for your lord, Odin, who is preparing for Ragnarok, the end of the world. There are 8 chapters in VP, and in each, you will have to (well, you’ll be given the option of) beat the dungeons presented to you (they only show up if you look for them, and that depends on the chapter you’re in) and pick up whomever calls out to you. That’s what you do in VP. You will find warriors, and you will train those warriors to fight with you, or to fight for Valhalla. More on that later. So there’s no complicated storyline. Everything is just easy going. In Dungeons, you can swing your sword, make ice blocks, slide, and jump. You encounter enemies by touching them. And some dungeons WILL be hard. Depending on the mode you play. There are three modes, easy normal and hard. In Easy, you get one Einherjar and one dungeon to beat, in Normal, you get at least two Einherjar, and at least two dungeons (sometimes, you will get 3), and in Hard, you get two to three Einherjar and two to three dungeons to beat (most are totally different from easy and normal dungeons). I’d recommend starting on Normal, because Hard will be too much of a challenge. I’m not saying it’s difficult, but you need to get a feel for jumping around, and the types of puzzles presented to you. Just to get a feel for the controls, because if you can’t maneuver your hands correctly in Hard Mode, you’re screwed. Also, armor and weapon shops don’t exist here. You make them yourself, and new stuff becomes available every chapter. You make them with MP, Materialize Points, which can be given to you by Freya, and by turning items into MP.

Storyline- Like I said, it’s easy to follow. It’s highly lacking in Easy Mode; in fact, it’s non existant. The only thing you do is pick up warriors, and go beat a dungeon, and get rewarded. I also said that there are 8 chapters, in every mode. At the end of each chapter, you will be assessed by Freya, and depending on how well you trained your Einherjar, you will be rewarded with Materialize Points (essential) and items/spells/weapons/armor/whatever. At the end of that period, Freya will tell you what type of warrior that Valhalla needs at that point. If she asks for an archer with specific skills maxed out, then you will give her that archer in the upcoming chapter. Failure to obey her commands will cost you Evaluation Points, MP, and goodies given to you. More on this process later. Anyway, in Normal mode, things will be the same as Easy mode until the 4th chapter where you will meet important characters, and a hidden dungeon will open up to you. These events give you the chance to explore a new storyline that is personal to the Valkyrie you are playing as, and sheds light to who she really is, and what she does, and how she feels. You can only see this storyline if you do certain things though, and only if you are on Normal and Hard mode. You cannot get the best ending in Easy mode (there are three.)

Einherjar/characters-your entourage. There’s about 21 one of them to “pick up”. You can learn the nature of that later. But since you’re a valkyrie, it’s pretty obvious regarding their circumstances…ANYWAY, in easy mode, you have limited access to who you can get to join your party, in normal, you have access to everyone, excluding the “special characters” (Freya, Brahms-your nemesis, Lezard) whom you can only get in Hard mode, by collecting 8 items that will allow you to unlock their doors in the extra dungeon, the Seraphic gate. You’ll have access to this place when you reach the very last save point in either endings. Think Cave of Trials. In Hard Mode, you have access to the special characters, plus two other characters whom you only fight in Normal Mode. You get those two in hard mode. Sooo, what you have to do with these guys, is train them (level them up, raise their skill levels, equip them, etc) and then send them to Valhalla, for Odin. You must send two per chapter (excluding easy mode, since you wont have enough. You’ll only send one then) so you’ll be rewarded later. When they are sent to Valhalla, you can check up on them. Once you send them, they remain unplayable for the rest of the game (but you will get them all back in the Seraphic Gate) so choose wisely. You get to keep 3 with you, so keep your favorites/strongest members. The sent Einherjar, will become Gods, and will become more useful and powerful depending on how well you equipped them, how high their Hero Value was when you sent them (Hero Value is an evaluation level- every einherjar has one, and Freya will say that she needs an archer, with the skills Intelligence and Negotiator, with a 65 hero value.) and what skills that they had that Valhalla asked for. If you fail to do all of this, they will die in battle, which isn’t good…you’ll get to check Valhalla’s war status each chapter, and they NEED those Einherjar. so don’t send them shitty fighters that are ill equipped.

Music/Voices- I loved VP’s music. I couldn’t get in to some of it, but it really is beautiful. It’s very majestic and eclectic. You can access any track before you start the game. Now the voices are absolutely hilarious. Everything that is said in battle as you play through, will be saved, just like Star Ocean. A lot of the voices are just dumb and unrealistic (Suo, Im looking at you!) but others like Valkyrie and Freya are extremely well done, which is good, because you’ll be hearing a lot of them. The whole game is done by the cast and extras from Pokemon, but you wouldn’t know it, save for a few instances. A secondary character involving the mermaid, Yumei, is actually Ash ketchum, Mystina the sorceress and Jesse…they’re the exact same voices. But what really blew me away was that the first Einherjar you receive, Arngrim, is the guy who plays BROCK’s voice. English voice, that is, and Arngrim;s VA is the same guy who plays LEZARD. Lezard is the most insane, realistic character in the game. It’s simply amazing how different the two voices sound. Anyway, some voices are good, some not so good. My favorite is Kashell’s voice. I love it when he cries, Ugh, bastard! It’s so precious.

all in all, you’ll have a lot of fun with VP. it’s a beautiful game. It is loosely based on Norse mythology, but a lot of things are changed around, but it still has that cold, desolete feel to it. Please go play it; you wont regret it.

Yep just like Big Dizzy said you will hate yourself for not buying it,and Eva already told you of the gameplay of the game.

Thanks everyone, especially Eva. I’ll go pick it up now.

You’ll pee yourself with excitement.

And don’t let the “Easy” mode fool you. In actuality, it’s the hardest mode in the game because you can’t use the cheap trick to guarantee your safe passage through the game.

Have fun with VP. It’s a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get into it, you’re not going to want to put it down. It’s just that addictive. 8)

I’ve been meaning to try this game, but I have yet to find a copy. Ah well, Phantom Brave is keeping me busy.

Buy it.


if you don’t buy it as soon as possible, i wil;l hunt you down, kill you three times over, reanimate you, then shove my copy of the game down your throat to play. I’ll want it back after you’re done, however. No way I’m letting something as small as it’s passing through your body stopping me from everr playing that game again.

From what I’ve seen of it, the graphics are actualy poor, and the storyline doesn’t look so bad, but it looks kinda complicated too.

Poor? Compared to what, super nes standards? I don’t know where you got your screen shots from, but didn’t your mother ever tell you that graphics don’t make the game?

And dude, did you not read what I said? It’s not complicated at all, it just depends on YOUR skill to run through dungeons. Can’t get to that ledge? Blame it on your shitty hand-eye coordination. Valkyrie Profile is quite easy compared to puzzle/strategy games. Whatever. To ANY game that allows you to run around freely like that and beat a dungeon. Just because there’s a hard mode doesn’t mean it’s OH NOES. It’s just a matter of you getting use to the controls of the game. The only remotely difficult dungeon is the Tombs of Amenti (ARR!) and quite possibly, the Celestial Castle, the place where if you fail, you lose time which = end of the world comes CLOSER. Which is the player’s fault. Sooo…if one can’t play the game because it’s too hard, maybe one should consider something dead easy.

The only remotely difficult dungeon is the Tombs of Amenti (ARR!) and quite possibly, the Celestial Castle, the place where if you fail, you lose time which = end of the world comes CLOSER

What about the Castle of Lezard Valeth,eh,what about the damned Castle of Lezard Valeth,just remembering that place gives me the shivers.thats the only place I actually hesitate to go in any game I have ever played.As for the rest of the dungeons their not that hard,just challenging.

His tower isn’t hard (HEE HEE) it’s just annoying. That music drives you insane because it’s gauranteed that when you play through it the first time, you’ll get lost, and you’ll go around and around and around and slowly your sanity will slip away…

When i went throught he Tower of Lezard Valeth (who squicks me oput at times, btw), I was scared shitless, until i remembered three little friends of mine: Dragon Slayer, beast Slayer, Daemon Slayer. With them, I breezed through., Until they all broke. Then i died on those will-o-the-wisps that explode if you don’t kill them quick. And I hasd to start over. because I’d eben on my way to a save point at that time.

I always used them in the battle that I needed and removed them immediatly after the battle ended, for fear of that. And I always avoided the will o wisps. I hate those things.