How public is your video game hobby?

A discussion about a recent RPGamer editorial veered off into how many people around us know we play video games - at least to the extent we do.;f=4;t=14309;st=0

I wonder what people around here think about it? Do you let everyone around you know you hang out at a video game board and blow hundreds of dollars and hours on them?

I generally don’t let anyone at all know about it, because people around me tend to be rather judgmental for cultural reasons. Although they do get a bit impressed when I tell them I started a website that now gets 700,000 hits a month. 8p Still, very few people know about that and I like to keep it that way.

Pretty much everyone I come into contact with knows the extent of my habit.

Don’t have a lot of gaming swag though, as I can’t afford it. Just a few posters and other tidbits. If I had the funds that’d be a different story.

All my family and close friends know that I’m obsessed with video games, but because of my age everyone thinks I’ll grow out of it. Only a few people know the limits and just how much I plan video games to influence my life.

Immediate family and friends know that I play. I don’t think anyone knows I work on RPGC, though. The topic just never really comes up.

My family and friends know I work in the industry, so it doesn’t bother them anymore, they view it as ‘entertainment and practice for work’.

My close family knows, my friends do not. It’s not that I don’t want to tell them, they just aren’t very interested in video games.

My immediate family and friends know. But they also know that I don’t have the funds to get the latest ones. My friends are in the same boat I am, so we can at least still play with each other.

No one. Why would i want anyone to know i’m a nerd? My girlfriend might, but outside of that, i don’t go around wearing Mario tshirts or whatever.

No one knows about my addiction, no one! That’s a lie, my friends know. We share games. My family is doomed to know. They at least ought to, because if they don’t, they’re too stupid to recognise a console and realise its use. But no, not everyone. There’s no point in screaming it out to the whole wide world.

Everyone that knows me knows that I play games. Fuck, I have fun playing them, so the hell does it matter if others get judgemental?

The only thing I keep secret from most people about my gaming tendancies is how I’m a dirty twink and must break everything I find as quickly as possible. Figure out how to make you character able to max on levels, how to spend skill points to max out on valuable skills but not have to waste points on lower ones.

I had to admit that I had a problem, though, when my cousin’s blatantly cheat-created Morrowind Character, Pokemon team, and DWM Team were vastly inferior to my own completely legitimate counterparts to them.

I’ve told friends about my old Team Fortress Classic obsessed days and they can believe it, but they just don’t understand… no one does…

The exact same fucking thing happened to me. Wasted my vacation to Spain when I was like 11 by staying in my hotel room powering up a horribly broken Pokemon Red team in preparation for some tournament (which I didn’t get into.)

Like, max levels (duh), max stat machines (duh), and replaying the game over and over again to get max TP machines on the entire team.

I think that was the beginning of my videogame OCD. Now I go to pieces in any flexible build game, especially when you can’t fix the build later in the game. Also a reason I haven’t been able to play Morrowind or Oblivion.

…I think I still have that cart and team somewhere.

Oblivion’s hells of easy to break. Just take a race with very specific bonuses, like the orc, and make a class that all those bonuses are against, in this case, a mage. You can build your combat skills real nice since they build easier than magic and start off high, but you can build a mage quickly too because your main skills are all magic. Also, if you organize it so that of your main skills, you only have a total bonus of +5 to them, you’ll stilll reach maximum level.

Morrowind has more skills, so it’s a little harder to pull off. As a recall, the Argonian, rather than orc, was the breaker race in Morrowind.

Pokemon’s also pretty easy to break, especially with all the legendaries in play now, it’s just a big game of rock paper scissors if you can catch the right pokemon. Back in RBY it was so cool trying to find the perfect team, and now it’s just easy.

I think the topic of “nerdy” hobbies with your peers is really not a big deal - it’s all in how you act about it; for example, almost all of my friends know that I play video games and work at RPGC, cos if it comes up or if I think it’ll be relevant to the conversation, I’ll mention stuff about video games. I think people are worried that any mention or hint of them liking games will ruin their social life, but it wont. You’d be surprised how many people I’ve NEVER talked about video games with will go “Is that a Space Invaders jacket? That’s awesome!” I still go out to various parties and social events, and have tons of friends that do completely different things from play video games. Some of my best friends don’t play video games at all, but they know I do; it’s really no big deal.

The only thing I don’t do is…If I’m seeing a girl, I don’t let them know that I work on an online site about RPGs or that I play 2D fighters on a competitive level…at least not right away (I have a 4-5 dates rule, here :P); however, therein lies the key to discussing such a topic: If you wanna talk about something heralded as ‘nerdy’ to your peers, just don’t be so damn NERDY about it. :stuck_out_tongue: You can tell em’ “Yeah, I was totally schooling so-n-so in Street Fighter yesterday, it was hell-arious”, but don’t tell em “Yeah, I found out the other day that with Elena, it’s better to pick SA2 versus Chun-Li than SA3, because EX Spin Scythe will whiff a crouching Chun, which means SA2 is the only reliable way to do big damage on her - plus if she whiffs her Crouching Forward, that’s a free SA2!” Yeah. THAT won’t get you very far. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty damn good at breaking games, my problem is that restrict myself to breaking concept builds in most cases. I just don’t like Oblivion and Morrowind for several reasons, and the fact that I kept rerolling to change broken concept builds didn’t help.

RBY was pretty decent for combat purposes, yeah. I haven’t even touched the sequels.

I don’t care who knows about my hobbies I mean if your friends think one of your hobbies is stupid or a waste of time show them the good points and what you get to do you if they still think your stupid because its stupid maybe they aren’t your friend so yes everyone I know knows of my passion for GAMING!!!

I did that over the summer…3 or 4 years ago. I spent weeks preparing for a major battle with a friend on the first day back from the holidays. The day came, and we couldn’t battle because I was using a Red cart and he was using a Gold cart. I think it was about that time I realized I was obsessed with games.

My Legend of Zelda T-shirt has even caught the attention of buyers <<;

I play pretty much in the open; It’s a “healthy” hobby alongside my tabletop rpgs and comics.

Yeah pretty much everyone I know knows.