How NOT to broadcast a grand prix

You’d think, after 5 years of doing it and around 95 grands prix under their belt, ITV would know how to do a race. Imagine my surprise when, on the last lap, THE LAST FRIGGING LAP OF SEVENTY, they decide to cut to an impromptu commercial break, switching back just for three seconds to tell us who won, then switching back to the ads. 45 seconds later, they cut to another commercial break, but as they already played the ads, they just put up their logo and play 2 minutes of muzak instead.

I mean, obviously no one was interested in the actual MOTOR RACING or anything, jeez… :hyperven: :hyperven: :hyperven: :hyperven: :hyperven:

[/hugely pissed off rant]

On another note, isn’t it good to see someone other than Michael Schumacher on the top step? :wink:

Well I don’t follow racing that much but I prefer Formula one over stock cars. Who is winning anyway? My German friend will be pissed Shumacher is his hero.

Stock car races, watching people do left turns all day.

That’s why I love F1- the tracks are complex (although not as complex as in rallying)- and yes, Michael Schumacher is in the lead of the championship right now but not by much, especially seeing as his kind brother his hot on his heels AND catching him up, and let’s not forget Raikkonen (aka Hannibal Lecter) and Montoya (one of the best racing drivers of all time)

Raikkonen will catch Schumacher… just you wait :wink:

Stock car racing is the most mundane ‘sport’ there is. F1 is challenging.

And my dad is watching it right now.