How much does CJayC suck?

For those of you who don’t know, CJayC is the owner of Gamefaqs. Gamefaqs is a nice site for cheat codes, but on the boards, you can get moderated for saying suck or boobies or a lot of other stupid things.

So… How much does CJayC suck?

That’s not the mods fault really, it’s the idiot witch hunters who try to earn brownie points by marking any post that could be even slightly offending.

Well, I suppose that all mods aren’t bad. In fact, my brother is one of the FEW good mods. But, some happen to be bad… such as the ones that made suck a banned word (I think that one was CJayC’s fault, though)

You’re anger still blinds you.
Remind me of Nate when he was banned from RPGC

meh. I’ve got my opinion. Even if nobody else thinks it’s right, I still hold true to my opinion.

he’s not the owner anymore, cnet is. that’s not good. for the first time ever, i’ll say cjayc sucks - because he sold out.