How much do you hate me?

No, I have no intention of being a whiner, but I just wanted to twist the new “How much do you like me threads” a little.

So, be caustic, be harsh… Hell, you don’t have to be honest, just say anything evil and mean!


I want to kill you and your little dog too! If you don’t have a dog, I suggest buying one. They’re very loyal, and as long as you train them well vacuuming once in a while is all the cleaning you’ll need. Labradors are the best if you go for the do-tricks kind, but small dogs are cuter and easier to maintain in terms of cost and stuff. Where was I? Oh yeah! I’ll kill it! Ahahahaha!

Sorry, I don’t hate you. You’re just fun to abuse. kicks PC in the groonies

Heh heh…fun. :o

Man, i don’t even know you… i don’t even post here… but, i just want to shove a car right inside your ass! Hmm, maybe not a car, but a bycicle… maybe not… then i’ll shove a toy… hmm… ok, i’ll shove an apple! Oh… forget it!

I despise you. Your very existance sickens me. I pray that a clown car falls from the heavens and crushes you into a pile of blood. I also hope that your name is erased from all of existance.

Just kidding, pal!