How much do I like Cammy?

Some of you have been so kind as to send me links to various Cammy related websites, cosplays, music, and so-fourth.

Today, I’d like to share with you a tiny bit of my fandom that I took some pictures of with my webcam. I have a large wallscroll that I’ll also get a pic of, except it’s in my room and my webcam wont reach that far!

Some would say I’m obsessed! :no2:

edit: PS - Yes, those are Cammy playing cards! (rare find!)

Hey, what’s that thing that comes after obsessed?

I love Cammy too.

Utterly infatuated in a really fucking nerdy manner?




BMO, Shin already said otaku. Well, defined it.

I dunno about that… As you all already know, I hope, I hate most anime. And if you are associating Cammy with Anime purly because shes in a video game then BOO.

Cammy is far superior to petty anime girls… Cammy White is a goddess among children!!!


I’m triying to come up with a way to use “Cam-whore” in this post.

you just did

You know what? Izlude’s obsession with Cammy pales before my obsession with Cherry.

Oh, Cherry, what’s that you’re telling me?

“Anata ga ichiban da nante, Shinryu-sama?”


loses himself in a fantasy involving him and Cherry

And we’ll… and…and… :blush:

Someone buy me this for christmas, I’ll give you a hug or a kiss!

Otaku doesn’t really relate to anime, it’s just a word to express extreme obsession.

but modern culture has tacked it onto anime geeks, correct? I mean, when most people hear the word “otaku” thats what they think of.

I’d rather you find an english word that suits the situation. After all, I’m not japanese. And english is a very colorful language.

I think that I might find Cammy more attractive if she were a real person, personally…but that is just me.

She is real… Don’t you dare start saying she’s fake!

Oh, she is real, but not a real person.

If I recall correctly, otaku literally means something on the order of “one who stays in isolation in their basement 24-7”. Don’t quote me on that, 'cuz I’m not 100% certain that’s the literal meaning, or if I’m even in the ballpark, I just remember reading something like that one time.

EDIT: Linkage regarding the definition of otaku.

When MOST people hear the word otaku, they think “Otaku? What the fuck is that? Is that some sort of fish?”