How many words do you type per minute?

Yeah; the title is what the poll is…

I type usually at about 70-80 words a minute, and I’ve timed myself in Microsoft word. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a side; is there any program that determines how fast you type in terms of words/minute? Thanks.

If I know what I want to say, Im usually around that amount as well.

I suck at typing, I use like three fingers tops so I’m considering taking classes. I’m guessing… around fifty.

There are programs like that, for example…almost any learning to type software…

I think I do about 40WPM…I have mastered the places where the letters are and the art of pecking them out… heh, I couldn’t type if my life depended on it. :smiley:

Kiro, any names for those programs?

Eva, same with me; I meant, in my previous post, if I had everything lined out, I’d be about 70-80WPM.

I’m about 100 WPM.

There used to be a program in my keyboarding class for the Macs, but I haven’t used that in about 5 years, so I forgot what it was called. Now that’s gonna be bugging me for awhile.
Last time someone timed me was a few years ago, I was around 40.

Accurately: 85-100
Understandably (i.e. Autocorrect will fix it): 150-200
Depends on word size…

I have no clue and I sort of developed my own way of typing, I usualy only use about 3 or 4 fingers.

Ditto. My sister’s good enough to type about 200 a minute, I think, haven’t checked lately.

I’m like… 90 or so. If I’m using auto-correct or somesuch, it’ll probably go to like 150 or so, but I usually check myself.

387 WPM.

My fingers sound like 8 cement mixers.

In typing class I was able to get up to 150, but I made a lot of mistakes. :\

  1. Yes, 4.

Look out, The 984, when you get up to ten, the whole word goes to hell.

No matter what I do I can never seem to type faster than 30-40 WPM. However, I seldom let typos through as I constantly correct myself.

Dude, wtf? 200WPM? 300WPM? 380WPM? What the hell? Are your fingers on acid?

Ummm…there’s one called “Type To Learn”.

The Guiness Book of World Records holds the absolute fastest typing speed ever recorded as 170 WPM.
Sorry to burst your bubble, everyone. 8p

Maybe they meant characters per minute. :stuck_out_tongue:

170 WPM? That doesn’t seem like that much, but you can write some 1000 word essay in like, eight minutes. :smiley: