How many words can you copy/paste per minute?

I’m curious to know.

How big is the document I’m pasting?

200 words. But the train you are on is about to crash in 27 seconds and the vibrations of the warp core (it’s an intergalactic train) are hampering your ability to copy-paste by a factor of -5. This disability is compounded every millisecond by a factor of -0.00000025. At this rate, how many words will you have pasted by the time the train collapses into a singularity?

Carries the two Several thousands. It’s hard to calculate with the minute vibrations, but I’d say in the three to six thousands bracket.

Wrong. The answer is: My question didn’t even make sense. The numbers meant nothing because there were no units attached to them, and on top of that, warp cores don’t exist, nor do intergalactic trains, and if they did, a warp core meltdown wouldn’t result in a singularity, if singularities existed, which they don’t.

Depends on how I’m doing it.

Leave it to the 11 year old to post the serious answer. Especially in a thread where we’re talking about intergalactic trains.

Do I get to use CTRL+A?

You have a booger up your nose.

My mother told me never to stare into the sun, so once when I was six, I did.

Hades, you liar! Intergalactic trains totally exist:

Thank God someone finally sees the truth!

Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl-V. Lather, rinse, repeat. Simple factor of 200^2, Ans^2, as many times as you are capable of in the time provided.

Leiji Matsumoto didn’t do third-grade intergalactic train-maths, Gila.