How many of you work?

I was wondering how many of you have jobs. I know a lot of you are in school.

Personally, I have a full time job. I’m a working stiff. How about you?

Student. Satirist. Artist.

Sadly I’m a moocher for the time being. I’m putting in applications as soon as I get my automobile back :3

Meh, I’m too lazy to go find a job. Y’know, seeing as how nobody in this shithole town is hiring. -_-’

Steve is Booken.

And I have re-enrolled in an education, so HAH. Selfrespect Get.

Part-time employment. No school until my first debt is paid up :frowning:


For a while I was a full-time worker and a part time student. Then I graduated. :expressionless:

Part time worker. I was told today they wanted to pull me on full time. Fug dat shit.

Full-time student. I worked in the summer, but quit once I returned to college.

Fulltime student. I had a part time job for the summer, and I should have tried to get one here since my tuition is kind of beyond what I can pay. Oh well ^^

I am a full time student, and i somtimes have a part time job, depends on if they need me, lol.

Technically, I’m a full-time student and full-time worker, but I put full time student, part time worker, since that’s what it’s legal for me to do.

Full time Student, part time lover. ^.~


I had a job, until last Saturday, when I quit, because I was moving to Uni. And I do plan on getting a job here, but haven’t found one yet.

I’m not on welfare.


Full time student, part-time job. I get maximum bursaries, and wages, so I have too much money, but I like it this way.

Ahhh, the care-free days of mooching. To be young again…

So, do you mooch off Jenna?

You left out the option for wandering vagrant, so I chose part-time job. Though I am technically employed now, teaching english, so I guess that’s true.