How many of you play Munchkin?

Well I got into it about 3 months ago. I own all three originial Munchkin games plus Blender and am looking for Star Munchkin, Munchkin Fu, and waiting for Munchkin Bites. Those of you who have played GURPS should at least have heard about it. Anyway how many of you own Munchkin or have heard of it? I am interested.

I’ve heard of it, but never played. How is it?

I find it very fun but it takes a few games to really understand how to play. It is a card game and the goal is to reach level 10 before anyone else. You do this by:

a. Fighting monsters
b. Using GUAL’s (Go Up A Level cards)
c. Keeping everybuddy else from reaching level 10 by playing potions or monsters in combat to screw them up.

They make fun of RPG elements on the cards. For instance one potion is called the Cotion of Ponfusion. Overall it is fun and doesn’t take a long time unless you play Epic Rules.

Here is the site in case you would like to check it out

I played one game of Munckin before, based off Jobs I believe.

I’ve played a quite a few games; it’s certainly not the best one, but it does have it moments. Like when I as a female halfling wizard charmed Judge Fredd (!) and the round after that charmed the Tentacle Monster (!!!), or when I managed to keep a person from winning the game by throwing out the “Out to Lunch” monster card… X-D

Oh, and if you like Munchkin you’re gonna love Spank the Monkey. Same genre, but different - still insanely fun thou. :slight_smile:

Rar, played it yesterday, we did. And it ended in a less than epic Divine intervention win for a Cleric >_<; Would play more if it fit peoples’ schedules.

I still have that scanned Catgirl card uploaded somewhere…

'xcept I don’t…

I was gonna buy it at a car boot sale once, except when I’d gathered up the cash, I went back to the stall, and the bastard’s had put the price up.

Yeah, I own Munchkin (just munchkin, none of the expansions) and I’ve been planning to buy more of it, except I can’t seem to keep enough money for long enough to buy it :stuck_out_tongue:

But Steve Jackson Games really makes kickass games…
I remember when me and my friends were playing the Munchkin RPG (based off D&D) and our party consisted of an Orlf, a Dworc and an Orcling (they were half orc/elf, half orc/dwarf and half orc/halfling :P).
Our thief managed to steal our tanks underwear, while the tank was wearing armor! (Yes, he rolled a natural 20 :P)