How low can you go?

I just don’t find reality TV fairly realistic. All these premises for shows always seem so fabricated and manufactured (“unreal”) to me.

But then, I’m the guy who thinks the contestants on Survivor should literally have to survive. (Fuck “voting them off the island” … elections are for sissies. I say plunk the contestants down in Somalia or Uzbekistan and see who can make it out alive…)

There’s a show I’ll watch. Even if it’s celebrity survivor. Hell, especially if its celebrity survivor. I wanna see Keanu Reeves try and dodge some REAL f’n bullets…

Id love to see that Kaiser
Off with their heads when they’re voted off or feed them to the sharks.

Seems like everyone on Survivor is a freaking idiot or bloody bastard, i’ve only watched the last two seasons. Yay for the loveable gullible mug Rupert >_>. I told myself i wouldn’t be sucked into watching “reality tv” shows Do’h. Survivor is the only one i have watched though well exception for an episode or two of big brother and road rules.

You don’t need the money, the people would be dead and couldn’t take it from you anyway.