How low can you go?

And this is precisely the reason why reality TV can FUCK OFF! :-/

What saddens me most? Some halfwits actually applied for this believing it was serious. I was tempted to ring up and break out my German porn star voice, but common sense prevailed. :wink:

Seriously, though, it’s getting more and more that you’ll have to shoot me before I’d appear on reality TV :expressionless:

Oh, I can do a phone sex voice… and fake arousal but… I don’t have a German porn star voice.

Teach me this mighty skill that is useful in everyday life.

Excuse me. I have to go kill the world now. :fungah:

The philosophy of humanity as a whole nowadays seems to be “Money > Dignity”.

And I thought the “give away a baby” reality show was the stupidest thing reality TV producers could come up with. This is disgusting…

It’s always been like that.

Edit: If you read all the way through, you realize it’s actually a fake show, and it was a survey to see how far people would go. It’s not like a show like that would actually get the go-ahead from a TV company, anyway. Fear Factor probably barely gets it.

Give away a baby? Tell me that isn’t what I think it is.

Haha no way I cant take that seriously…give away a baby, is that a show for sadists? Haha damn.

The only “reality” tv show I watch is Suriviver. Im hooked. Im sowwy. Id love to be on Survivor.

The concept behind Survivor is good, but nowadays it seems to be one big soap opera moreso than anything. (At least, thats what I’ve heard. I don’t watch it myself.)

I’d say humanity has reached a new low, but I don’t think it already hit the bottom.

It’s like I always say: Just when you think we’ve hit rock bottom, someone tosses you a shovel.

It’s sad that so many people would apply for that.

The real sad part is that this didn’t come to pass in the U.S. first. I’m shocked the UK beat us to the punch. So much for being #1 in everything including lacking morals/decency. The whole concept is horribly disturbing and anyone that stupid should be put to the flame. Idiots are fun to make fun of, but if they go over the top, then it’s time to step in and regulate.

Slowly, but surely, reality television is moving towards snuff.

Always lower.

At least as long as fame and money is involved.

Regulate with a couple nuclear bombs woot!

After that, I feel ashamed to be British. But then again, I have been ashamed of the British general public, for quite some time.

Hmm … I feel my IQ draining at just the thought of that. (Incidentally, on the crappy school comps, it took slightly longer than it took to read the whole thread before the page loaded. ^_^) I need to create a character dumb enough to properly express how MORONIC this is.

Hmm…how hard would it be to make a Bush sprite?

is stoned to death by an angry mob

Psh, if they’re stupid enough to do that for money, then let them. They’re doing the human gene pool a favor. While they’re at it, get the producers to try it, too. ;p

That’s it. Darwinism needs to make a serious comeback.

I’d offer a million dollars to those who allow themselves to be shot to death (or killed somehow) on live tv. Imagine the ratings!

Of course, I dont’ have money, but it’s perform a useful service to humanity.