How long have you been on the boards?

I just wanna know…
I been around RPGC for 2 years and a half.
At least.

Two weeks on Tuesday. :slight_smile: :wink: Lol

Officially just over a week (because of that stupid wormp:unch:: )

Unofficially since February, so about a couple of months!

<img src=“”> I’ve been at RPGC for a little over two years now, tough I try to repress the memory of the first year or so.

A little over 16 months. I try to repress memories of the first month or so, but I’ve still had fun here.

Less than a year, yet I am already one of the most beloved members on here, and am #1 in posts as of now, and would have benn before the crash.

<img src=“”> Careful Val, your ego is showing :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops, sorry!

puts ego away

Man, that’s embarassing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Times long passed, the only way I can refer to it is ‘The ushering age of Miva Boards’

Since early August of '01… that makes it about 21 months.

August or September of 2001.

Umm, on Monday it’ll be…looks at calender…forever. I’m been here about as long as Zero maybe more, maybe less; it’s been too long.

First came to the MB basically right after Jim was ousted.

According to my profile, I registered on 10-6-2002. I wouldn’t remember if it wasn’t for the recordings there.

<img src=“”>January, 2003

I came here around June or July of 2001. :slight_smile:

End of July, beginning of August 2001.

<— It says right there beneath my avatar somewhere.

Around October 2002…

I’m pretty sure I started showing up on the forums at the end of August 2001. I don’t remember the exact date, but I remember it was sometime around then, and it would have had to have been after mid-August (I had been on a summer vacation) and sometime before 9/11, because I had already been assimilated into this place enough by then to be working on my first ever piece of fanfiction (and I remember working on chapter 3 of said piece the night before 9/11).

So somewhere in there. Oddly enough though I can’t remember what the old forums looked like before we started using this agora (which I know I like better than whatever we used before). I think we used ezboards, but maybe that’s just because I’ve visited so many other ezboards before, during, and since that time.