How long before RPGC dies out?

Yes, it’s a sad subject, but it will happen someday. No internet site lasts forever, no matter how good it is (unless you run a multi-billion dollar company with more cash reserves than half of the entire planet). I can’t imagine life without this site, which is probably why I’m doomed to be a loser for the rest of my life. So, answer already, or ignore the subject completely.

Of course we’re zombies, why else would we be spending all our time around here? We can never be defeated until someone kills the original zombie!

So we have to kill Rast?

You’re thinking of vampires more like.

I think it will die when the “senior staff” (Merl, Sin, Zep etc) quits, since the majority of the other staffers are young, inexperienced and broke :stuck_out_tongue:


The URL will always be here, but the site will probably be up for sale forever and ever after it’s death.

RPGC will last for a thousand years!

A few months ago, I was afraid the death of RPGC was immenent, mainly in that Merlin and Sinistral had really stopped caring. But recently they’ve become more involved, which is cool.

We’re the Undead!
Which is why we’re so dead.


If you’re talking about the site, then if the senior site quit, yeah, it’ll go down the tubes. But the community, by which I mean the people, well, there’s nothing stopping it from lasting forever :smiley:

Personally I think it’ll just die when Merlin quits since no one else will be there to pay the bill :stuck_out_tongue:

HEATHEN! kicks Gallows

If they strike us down, we shall arise stronger than they could ever imagine!

We’re all dead in the end, it makes no difference.

Just remember not to masturbate guys, you might doom RPGC for all eternity.

My children and my children’s children shall experience RPGC.

how much is the bill anyway?

That’s kind of what I was referring to :stuck_out_tongue: