How FFX made the kitty cry.

Ok, a little buildup here.

In the Final Fantasy series, from 5 on, there has been a “das-uber boss”, or multiple versions of them, known as the Weapons.

If you’ve ever played FF5, then you should remember Omega Weapon. I only beat him through MASSIVE save state abuse, and I had <i>all of the classes mastered</i>.

You get the idea. Don’t even GET me started on Shinryuu.

Well I was running through Omega Dungeon, both going after Omega Weapon and hunting fiends for the arena. (Dear mother FUCK, the Great Malboros were giving me a headache. At least, until I stuck Tidus with a First Strike weapon.) The battles take longer than normal, since I’m trying to level everyone up equally, which requires one action from all seven characters.

Anyways, I made my way through, and finally met up with Ultima Weapon. Here I am, expecting a tough fight.

The damn thing goes down like a five dollar hooker. I didn’t even get all of my characters in. He was finished off with a Delta Attack.

Well, I’m thinking, “It’s Ultima Weapon. Omega Weapon will be worse.”

So I continue on.

A few Great Malboros later, along with a pair of Master Tonberries and Demonoliths, I meet up with Omega Weapon.

Now at this point, Tidus does about 15k with his ultimate weapon. Not to mention he has autohaste, so he does about 45k straight <i>without</i> Quick Hit. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

I Hastega, and have Yuna throw Auto-Life on him. Kimahri gets his Lancet in, and a few people get blows in.

He throws a Core Energy at Kimahri, but that’s nothing.

So I get Lulu up to doublecast Ultima at the bastard.

<i>He didn’t last through ONE.</i>

Omega Weapon goes down like a ten-dollar hooker. Again, I didn’t even get everyone in, and at 50k AP, this is just a little bit sad.

Here I am, just watching his death animation, thinking “What? What the fuck was that?!?! No, really. You’re kidding me. No, really. What the hell was that?”

It’s just sad. Oh well. At least I have the arena to look forward to. And Nemesis.

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