How FFX made the kitty cry: Since Sin shot the first thread down.

For wrog forum. Heh.

Ok, a little buildup here.

In the Final Fantasy series, from 5 on, there has been a “das-uber boss”, or multiple versions of them, known as the Weapons.

If you’ve ever played FF5, then you should remember Omega Weapon. I only beat him through MASSIVE save state abuse, and I had all of the classes mastered.

You get the idea. Don’t even GET me started on Shinryuu.

Well I was running through Omega Dungeon, both going after Omega Weapon and hunting fiends for the arena. (Dear mother FUCK, the Great Malboros were giving me a headache. At least, until I stuck Tidus with a First Strike weapon.) The battles take longer than normal, since I’m trying to level everyone up equally, which requires one action from all seven characters.

Anyways, I made my way through, and finally met up with Ultima Weapon. Here I am, expecting a tough fight.

The damn thing goes down like a five dollar hooker. I didn’t even get all of my characters in. He was finished off with a Delta Attack.

Well, I’m thinking, “It’s Ultima Weapon. Omega Weapon will be worse.”

So I continue on.

A few Great Malboros later, along with a pair of Master Tonberries and Demonoliths, I meet up with Omega Weapon.

Now at this point, Tidus does about 15k with his ultimate weapon. Not to mention he has autohaste, so he does about 45k straight without Quick Hit. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

I Hastega, and have Yuna throw Auto-Life on him. Kimahri gets his Lancet in, and a few people get blows in.

He throws a Core Energy at Kimahri, but that’s nothing.

So I get Lulu up to doublecast Ultima at the bastard.

He didn’t last through ONE.

Omega Weapon goes down like a ten-dollar hooker. Again, I didn’t even get everyone in, and at 50k AP, this is just a little bit sad.

Here I am, just watching his death animation, thinking “What? What the fuck was that?!?! No, really. You’re kidding me. No, really. What the hell was that?”

It’s just sad. Oh well. At least I have the arena to look forward to. And Nemesis.

…I still can’t beat Yuncalesca

Yunalesca was a wuss. And she was still harder (or at least slower) than Omega Weapon.

Go after Nemesis. Im-frikkin-possible without a lot of 255 stats.

The key to defeating most of the optional Arena bosses in FFX is simply to Quick Hit until Overdrive, then repeat. When the boss gets an attack, summon an Aeon to use its Overdrive and to block the upcoming retaliation from the boss. So basically, what I 'm saying is that when you finally DO reach Nemesis, don’t expect it to be a very exciting or challenging battle. 8(

Yunalesca wasn’t a wuss. -_- I always have problems beating her every time around.
And yes, Ultima and Omega were silly, but the real challenges for people who have nothing better to do than spend eighty hours leveling up is in the arena. Personally, I never bothered. I don’t think I ever even got Ultima OR Doublecast OR Tidus’s ultimate weapon any time I played the game.

Omega Weapon was a wuss because the Dark Aeons and the Judge beat him up and threw him in a cave.

The Arena is a trip to the anal rape amusement park. Yunalesca isn’t so hard as long as you know how to deal with her zombie attacks.

I didn’t even spend a lot of extra time with the grid or with customization, and I had to make an effort to get everyone in when I fought Omega so that the AP was evenly distributed.

I have a feeling that the arena’s not going to be that easy. I’m saving it for after I finish another game… maybe.

With Yunalesca… it’s not that I find that battle difficult, it’s just that everything has to go just right for it to be easy-peasy for me. It’s totally different, believe me.

That game was weird. It is pretty difficult to get all their secret weapons and unlock them, and the game is pretty damn easy. The arena is pretty cool though, I’ve been meaning to beat it one of these days.

Zombieproof and Deathproof Armor’s damn good for that.

Hey, what did I do? XD

But seriously. Those weapons never were very hard for me. Shinryuu? (With two 'u’s) was a wuss. Omega? Same story. Just careful preparation. I didn’t even need to level up much. Once you know how they work, they’re easy. (Archers and Red Magi are much more useful than you’d think)

Tell me, though. What was the weapon-type boss for FF6? The hardest one I can think of is Ifrit, because almost every boss after that can be killed with two spells. (Vanish/Doom) (It’s dishonorable, though, and I never do it) The only way this game is challenging is if you keep yourself ridiculously underleveled.

FF7. I’ll admit I never got the hang of beating Emerald or Ruby Weapon, but I’ve found ways of doin ridiculous amounts of damage before the battle even starts! (Max everyone’s limit breaks, Put Cloud’s HP at 7777, Use limits that hit ridiculous amounts of times) I doubt I’ll even NEED Knights of the Round.

And as for anything past that… ehh. Who cares?

Here’s a link to a thread that never got off the ground, but may prove useful anyway.

Of course, getting 60 Farplane Winds before Zanarkand can be quite difficult. The easiest way is to give Yuna a Zombietouch weapon, and leave your characters zombied, and re-zombie them (Through Yuna) every time they get revived.

No, I don’t think the arena is “pretty cool”. I think it’s a really silly way to waste time. -_- It’s not like you get to see any kewl FMVs or anything when you’re done; you just get to fight more monsters.

StarStorm: Getting Zombieproof and Deathproof armor at that point in the game also requires hours and hours of tedious enemy-bashing and item-collecting.

The difficulty for FF6 was actually dialed down for the English release. I’m told in Japanese it was harder (although not amazingly harder).

Ultima Weapon (Mistranslated as Atma Weapon). I’d admit that it was somewhat a hard boss compared to the others when fought in the floating continent, but still not to bad.

That was glitch actually, not a case of Orlandu Syndrome. But you are right, even without Vanish/Doom the game is hideously easy if you know where to look for the Espers and train a bit to get their magics (Ultima X6 :-D).

Speaking of bosses who don’t live up to their hype, Ozma: I want my fucking money back! What the heck is supposed to be though about it? I beat it even before going to Terra.

has still never beaten Ozma, even at level 90

This is what I did:
[li]Steal a lot during the game so Thievery does respectable damage (Around 7000)
[/li][li]Kill lots of dragons so Dragon Crest does 9999 (Excellent way to level up fast too)
[/li][li]Synthesize 99 Garnets in Daguerreo so Bahamut does 9990.
[/li][li]Get Freya, Zidane, Eiko and Dagger to at least level 65. The HP doesn’t matter that much, it’s more for the Magic Stones for the Support Abilities.
[/li][li]Equip Darkness-absorbing items so Doomsday heals you instead of whooping your ass.
[/li][li]Equip Auto-Haste on all characters and assorted Status-Defense abilities according to each character’s role (You don’t want Eiko and Dagger silenced, do you?)

The key is to hit hard and fast, since Ozma still has a great repertoire of party-whipping attacks, you just have to hit fast enough to deplete all it’s HP before it kills you. I kept using Thievery (Or Grand Lethal if I could), Dragon Crest, Bahamut and Holy/Madeen and occasionally using one of the two white mages for healing some critical status effect but ignoring everything else.

The rest is just luck, if you can last five turns, you win. I had to fight it thrice, the first time I wasn’t prepared, the second time it used Meteor right from the start and killed everyone and the third time I managed to beat it.

I defeated Ozma the first time I tried, and I still can’t remember exactly what I did. I do remember that I lucked out and Phoenix revived me near the very end, lol.

This is has less preparation then Seraphim’s method. Use Eiko, Dagger, Steiner and Zidane. Have Zidane do whatever, Eiko use Maideen, Steiner use Shock and Garnet heal or cast Bahumut. Unless he uses Meteor you should be able to defeat him. It may take a few tries, but it works. Give the males the ability that lets them come back to life and have the girls wear pumice pieces. Equip any other ability that you like and as many status protection abilities as you can.

Well, I can’t say I kept trying. After he killed me three times I gave up and went to do something more productive with my life. 8p