How eight pixels cost Microsoft millions

‘Hembra’ is a term used to talk about female animals, but I still don’t see how someone can confuse Hembra and Perra. They don’t sound similar, and don’t look similar either >.>


Yeah I know. And thus the point still stands that:

a) We still don’t know how “female” can get confused with “bitch”, and
b) BabelFish sucks donkey nostrils.

You should try translating stuff into Japanese, and then back to English then… :stuck_out_tongue: Hilarious! XP

I think we had a forum game over that.

Amen to that, and so does his translation of der langrisser. it kinda reminds me of “all your base” from zero wing. and btw the spanish word for bitch is puta

Puta is whore or something similar. Kor should know, he’s chilean.

Yeah Puta does translate to whore,and the microsoft people should stop using Babelfish for there translations,i wonder how women felt seeing the translation Microsoft used.

why do they make such a fuss about it? female, chick, bitch… all the same!

That joke was already made earlier in the thread, “Canis”. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re a day late and a dollar short.

And besides, I said it funnier.

There IS a difference?

… Why won’t people stop making that joke? The first time, fine. But not the 10 times thereafter.

Yeah, really.


Hah, what a mess.
I seem to remember some other Microsoft error a while back where due to a graphical error, some version of Windows or something had a swastika on it and it wasn’t noticed until around a million units were shipped.

i didn’t meant to steal your joke. i just wrote my opinion. p:unch::

Phht, stupid Microsoft Tanslater people…LOL!!!