How do you...

deal with mates, who are acting immature almost 24/7?

Ya see, two of my mates are beginning to get on my nerves. They find humour in the most idiotic things, like spamming forums (luckily they don’t know about this place).

So I was just wondering if anyone else, had to deal with people like that. And if so, how they deal with them.

<img src=“”> Bite their heads off during sex.

Tell them to grow up a little bit.
That, or call them stupid heads and then fart on them.

TD: Not a good idea, considering they are both guys.

I need money. Wan’ me to break thier fingers for youse?

Ignore them until they act mature, or just tell them their annoying.

Originally posted by Heaven’s Soldier
TD: Not a good idea, considering they are both guys.

<img src=“”> Then don’t mate with them, duh.

Alyx: If I tell them they are annoying, they find it even funnier, and act more annoying.

Star: So what sorta price are we talkin’ here?

Make me an offer here. It’s only simple battery.

Something of the BODY,
Something of the HEAD,
Something of the THREAD,
Something of the DEAD,
Mix it all in a JU-JU BAG…

And when you are done with the voodoo doll, you start chanting:

“2, 4, 6, 8!
Who do we assassinate?”

Then shout the name out loud for the world to see and decap the doll.

Perform the ritual once per victim.

Yell at them, or just don’t hang out with them.

Ren: Nice idea, and funny reference to.

Star: Does 20 bucks, sound reasonable?

Beat the shit out of them.

Well you can’t really change people. You can only hope they grow up, but in the meantime, don’t hang around them as much.

I have your problem too. I just stopped hanging around morons who laugh at penis jokes and play card games in dirty hallway floors. I visit them at lunch hour once in awhile, but they’ll never get a phonecall from me, nor will I be unblocking them anytime soon on the net.

Just chill out. Being a lone wolf is fun XD And if they don’t see the error of their ways, then let them go. If you can’t, well just love em for who they are I guess.

Make them realize how bloody stupid they are. Find them someone equally immature and reveal to them that, that is how they normally act.

Or you could just leave time to its devices. They will mature when they realize that people laughing at penis jokes don’t get laid. Unless large amounts of drugs are involved.

I know how you feel. If you combine the maturity levels of my best friend and my sister, you might reach 2 if you’re lucky.

Yeah, I’d just ignore them for a while and hopefully they’ll get the message.

Throw a shoe at their head. It’ll be funny.


What? It’s what me and my friends did in high school.