how do you think the Final Fantasys are supposed to be connected?

besides common themes,Cid, Chocobos, spells, ect.?
so How would you say they couldbe connected?

and do you think that there should be an entry that connects everey one of them?

Story-wise they are not meant to be connected. Any attempt at doing so is pretty silly.

Creating a game meant to connect the series would be about as outlandish and unworkable an idea, story-and-direction-wise, as FFX-2. I’d rather not see such a thing.

None of them is final :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a game linked to every single other one in some way would be good? Say, someone observing different parts of all of them in some way shape or form (basically an excuse for them to take the best parts of all the games and throw them into one game, only make it different somehow each time)

Bah, personally I would find it easy to write a story that either crossed over the various FF games, or an original one starring all the characters. Heck, I posted ideas about it about a year ago.

But I agree a crossover game is unlikely- unless you count Kingdom Hearts, that is. :wink:

Story-wise they are not meant to be connected. Any attempt at doing so is pretty silly.

Actually, they have a lot of common themes. For instance:

-conflict between human development and the environment
-interconnectedness of all life
-the side effects of reckless greed

Also, they can be connected insofar as they show a steady sort of technological development between all the games.

Common themes, yes. But directly connecting the story? No. Of course such a thing is possible, but it would be really tenuous. And the technology doesn’t continually get better; FF9 wasn’t a step up from FF8, and FFX wasn’t a step up from pretty much anything. Every FF has some sort of mix of technology and fantasy.

There’s usually something about crystals, too. Think about it: FFI,III (I think), IV, V, and TA all have Crystals. FFVI had magicite, VII had materia, and IX had Necron and FFXII has Nephicite (or something similar).

And there should be no common character or plot that directly links the games together with the exception of the FFVII and FFXIII series.

Just because I’m nitpicky…

XII has both magicite and nethicite. It’s interesting to note that magicite was a term used before, in VI; as well, the Lucavi/Totema return for XII features them being known through the title of ‘Espers’ – another VI thing.

I think Matsuno liked FFVI. :mwahaha:

I think Matsuno liked FFVI.

That’s quite understrandable; FFVI kicked ass.
And we might as well mention that FFT and FFIX both had many references to past FF games. And why hasn’t anyone mentioned Biggs and Wedge yet?