How do you pronounce the X?

Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2… Heres somthing that has been bothering me.
I call it TEN, and alot of the customers I get at gamestop say X… Now, that may be because they dont know that it means 10… However, what do you all (knowing that it means 10) say?

“Final Fantasy Ten” and “Final Fantasy Ten-2”?
“Final Fantasy Ex” and “Final Fantasy Ex-2”?

Final Fantasy 10.

Never encountered anyone who says Ex.

I pronounce it Final Fantasy ten, but use ‘Final Fantasy Ecks Two’. Sayig Ten-Two just seems weird to me. Dunno.

I switch off depending on the mood I’m in. 8p I know it’s supposed to be “ten”, but X does sound better.

Well I usually go by the roman numerals and call it by it’s proper name. Final Fantasy Ex sounds too omnious.

I type Numbers For FF1-9 and then FFX and FFX-2 Then Back to FF11 and FF12. I just say the numbers, for FFX-2: Ten-two.

Big Nutter

FF10 and FF100

What? 10 to the power of 2 is 100.

(I’m just kidding, we say 10-2)

It varies. Usually, I’ll say FFX and FFX-2, or I’ll say Final Fantasy Ten and Final Fantasy Ten-Two.

I say FF10 and FF X-2…
Ten-two just sounds stupid…

I say “ten” and “ten-2”. Since that is what it really is.

“Ten” and “ecks-two”. Sod what it really is, “ten-two” sounds too weird to me.

I kinda see how it can sound wierd to say “ten-two” but I guess I got used to it.

Now when people come into gamestop and say “Can I get a copy of final fantasy ex-2?” I go:
“You mean ten-2? We dont have Ex-2”

Sounds like a smartass thing to say, and yeah, it is… But they are also snooty bellevue people SO it evens out.

Bellevue is the city I work in, in general the city is rather, um… “hip”

I say Final Fantasy 10

And say Final Fantasy X-2. Flows better that way.

Look what they have done. Releasing a sequel has thrown everything off. Oh well I call it 10-2 myself.