How do you get one of those personalized titles?

Under your handle. I would like one.

Become a Staffer or reach 1000 posts.

1000, eh? Alrighty.

eh, that’s a long way!

Dragon’s Revenge, think i can get there faster than you? :hahaha; this is my fourth post! i’ve almost got as many as you, wouldn’t you say?


Don’t you dare spam to get it. We have banned and lowered post counts in the past if we think someone is posting solely to get the title.

Setz and Peirson have had it happen to them… This forum and the RP do not count on the Post counter.


The polling one doesn’t count either.

I didnt say I was going to.

why would i spam? about what i said to Dragons Revenge, i wasn’t being really serious you know. it was more of a joke than anything else. no need to take things so seriously, lay back and relax. i’m never serious, except when i need to be.

oh and, i doubt i’d even have time to spam anything! after all, i think that people who do that are wasting their time, since it is annoying. as long as you have managers, mods or whoever else, everything is usually under control. sorta why i quite a community on msn. some idiots were sending links to ‘special’ sites if ya know what i mean.

oh and i’ll get the title… in 5 years or so (or maybe 10, who knows). it all depends on where life takes me. but know this- i love these kinds of sites- anything to do with video games. mind you that i’m not good at hacking and all that type of stuff, but i appreciate the rest, including the RPG forum.

Oh, I didnt even see your post. I thought he was talking to me. You probably will get it faster anyway, as I dont post that much.

You can hit 1000 within a year but it’s Boardline Spaming… Trust me, I’ve done it. I’ve got told to keep it down once, when I was Posting Al-Bhed WITHOUT English translations.


I’m already halfway there. Nevermind it took me over a year.

Back in the day at the ripe old age of 16, I was once an agora faithful… I was once striving for that 1,000th post…I never got there, a freak computer crash linked with my family moving back to 56k ended the career of HoserDelita…now I must start over…once again…I have come to the realization that I will never get there…

in one of the forums i’m in i’ve gotten about 3500 posts

It’s been a long time.

is that my sarcasm sense tingling?