How do you deal with thieves?

Because my brother’s constantly stealing from me, and I woke up today to find my soccer ball has magically vanished.

I’m seriously tempted to snap his neck like a toy right now. I don’t need a stupid motherfucker like him touching anything even remotely associated with me. He’s the biggest fucking thief I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe the bullshit he tries to pull.

People generally don’t steal from me, because I don’t have anything to steal… Well, I don’t NOW, that some assfucker swiped my Ogre Battle cart! >O

Anyway, the first thing I thought of when I saw this thread was Kaiser’s saga of the dumb kids stealing from the tip jar. I’ll let him tell the tale if he so wishes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chop off their hands.

Actually depending on how you want to deal with it you can do the nice thing and talk to him about how its not nice to take things without asking, or you can do the ‘mean’ thing and have his stuff mysteriously disappear until your stuff comes back.

I’d kick his ass (or talk to him depending on how I’m feeling) and get it back.

Very painfully. People know better than to fuck with me.

If you don’t want to take that path, take it to the cops and have him sent off if other folks in your household don’t want to deal with it OR install a lock on your room.

Or you can do the ‘mean’ thing and have his stuff mysteriously <strike>disappear</strike> catch fire until your stuff comes back.

I would keep my room locked. As for the stuff that has already disappeared, if you can’t take the case to a higher authority (i.e.: parents), do as John Locke the philosopher would have done: kick his ass in a manner he’ll be afraid to just think about ever touching your stuff again.

Remove one of his teeth for every item he takes.

Consdering You look like your sprite, (Minus the Goggles), I don’t want to mess with you.

Big Nutter

Actually, I’d say he looks more badass than his sprite.

I think Wertigon is more hot!

Um … sure, XP, you keep thinking that.

I had to buy a bigass padlock for my bedroom door to keep my brothers out. End of problem.

Dude if you live in the same house, just don’t leave tempting stuff laying around (well a soccer ball I can understand…but keep your room clean, and stuff put away) and when he takes stuff, rummage through his shit and take it back. Fight fire with fire.

I’m actually tempted to sell his stereo and buy a new ball (and keep the rest of the money) because apparently he gave it away to some kids who claimed I stole it. I so don’t feel like dealing with this right now, but he has to learn somehow.

Do what my best friend does…cary a towel with you at all times and whenever you see him snap it at a vulnerable spot.

Have you confronted him at all (I’m guessing you did…you say you asked about the soccer ball).

If you haven’t, just confront him in a no-nonsense manner, tell him to stop, accept no excuses, and if necessary shake your finger at him. A little intimidation, if possible, can’t hurt. Flare your nostrils, make your eyes look mean…think of all the ways you can fuck with his mind subtlely (or however you spell it).

Of course, if it’s an older brother, that might not work, if he’s a bigger guy, but it might be worth a try, depending on a number of things.

Beat his ass for every thing he’s ever touched of yours, then rummage his stuff for anything to sell, and get yourself something spiffy with the cash.

What can I say? Being the younger sibling ROCKS!

Practice your soccer with his head, since you don’t have a soccer ball any more.

Or even better, use his balls. :mwahaha:

Lord knows you could use it.