How do you cook your pancakes?

Here’s my regular batter:

10-12 crepes, depending how thick you like 'em. I doubled these for a 10-person dessert. Heck, I’ll describe the process I did it the last time. I didn’t add sugar or any other sweetener to the mix as people like to add their sweet stuff according to their own tastes, but if you prefer, add sugar to taste.

5dl milk (Go for 1% milk or more unless you like 'em thin.)
2,5 dl flour
2 eggs.
Half a teaspoon of salt.
Oil or butter for the pan.

A bucket of whipped cream
A bucket of strawberry jam

  1. Open can of beer.
  2. Beat eggs into milk.
  3. Beat flours into egg-milk.
  4. Add salt. Beat. Put batter into fridge for about 30 minutes to get the composition right.
  5. Drink the beer. Get another if 30 minutes aren’t up.
  6. Heat stove as “#%”#% hot as you can.
  7. Add some oil/butter every two-three crapes.
  8. A soup scoopful at a time should do the trick. One minute each side, and use a spatula to scrape around the fringe if haven’t greased your pan enough. No pressing.
  9. Repeat until batter is used up.
  10. Add whipped cream/jam to taste.

SPECIAL INGREDIENT X (for adults and precocious under-aged people): Since I doubt you have a certain label of alcohol called Jaloviina over there, here’s the replacement:
For one scoopful of batter, add: (To the scoop before it goes to the pan)

  • One half-cork of vodka
  • One half-cork of cognac.
    (Optional: One shot glass of both for the cook during the preparation process)
    Increase to full corks according to taste or if your pan is ¤#&"#&"# hot, evaporating the alcohol as soon as it hits.

Makes for a good treat if you’ve mastered the one minute flips. The bite isn’t as evil as taking them as shots, the batter mildens it up for a nice aroma. Of course, this is for a dessert, not a breakfast.

Bisquik mix, but I add vanilla extract and brown sugar to the recipe on the box. I do squish the pancakes with a spatula, but only if they rise above 3/4 of their original height. It tends to keep the centers from remaining gooey while the outside gets done.

I prefer them made in a pan.

And not by me, I always screw it up.

@984: Give the guy a break, if he didn’t, he’d have to pay for the rest of the night.

(jk I love you zep)

I like my pancakes dense and rock-like… and made by my bitch ass cunt of a girlfriend.

I shall have her raped tomorrow. </3

Reminds me vaguely of Cuervo cookies.

I think any cooking recipe is great if it requires drinking a beer during preparation.

it’s probably an easy step to add. Much easier than substituting ingredients for others I suppose.

This is how it works if I’m cooking a reasonable amount of pancakes. However, most of the time I’m making pancakes, it’s for some event or another and I’m cooking like 50 at a time.


Glad that’s not how you cook bacon. That could be painful.

Lady, he doesn’t have to cook bacon. He’s all bacon… hot and cooked.

Thanks, Gila! I was hoping to get rid of the Bacon Loving Cannibals Club following me around, but now you’re just egging them on. “Oh, just a toe… you won’t miss it, really! You have nine others.”

No problem. That reminds me…

Oh, just a toe… you won’t miss it, really! You have nine others.

I usually get two kinds of mix. My favorite blend is Whole Wheat with Buttermilk.

Make the mix, pour a little bit of milk and vanilla in.

I use veggie oil instead of butter or spray on my pan.

Pour mix in, flip, butter the flipped side a bit WHILE still in the pan. Flip, butter, flip, press a little bit, serve.

When I’m having an inner-fat-kid moment, I grind up some dark chocolate in the mix.


I can’t cook pancakes, so I don’t. :confused:

Not to mention that here in Sweden there are at least two (or three) different foods that can be called “pancakes”.
I know that two of them use the same recipe, the only difference is the size of the pancake and they’re both very thin, like what you’d use for a crepe. The third I THINK uses the same recipe, or at least something very similar, but it’s a lot thicker and it’s not even cooked in a pan. It’s cooked in a oven. (So they’re called “thick-pancakes” or “oven-pancakes”. :P)

I havent tried cooking pancakes that way but I may try one of this days…I have tried cooking pancakes the usual way all the time