How do I make my monitor brighter?

I have my monitor settings set for high (I altered settings via the buttons on the front of my monitor; nothing inside computer), and it’s still low. I can’t watch a lot of .wmv’s due to the darkness. I compare with another computer:

Sinistral’s avatar on my girlfriend’s puter shows the blue turban thingy, and it’s clear and all.

Sinistral’s avatar on my puter shows a general blackness around his darkened face. No blue is seen except the background.

Any settings in Control Panel can change this, or can I download something?

Your monitor should also have a specific brightness setting on it somewhere, usually buried in a menu. Try manually raising that instead of using default profiles or whatever.

I cannot find such settings in CP.

Then go to Display Options - Settings - Advanced and browse to the tab of your videocard (name and menu varies depending on said card). You should be able to correct your brightness level by software somewhere in there.

You should install the offical Drivers from whom made it, most are downloadable. Windows doesn’t have that many options installed by default. The one you want is not is one.

Overlay is used when Videos are playing. Most card’s don’t let you change an options unless you’re playing a Video.

Link plz?

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