how do i imput pics into my signature

Wow, you suck, at least stick around for a flame war, c’mon!

and btw charlemagne, Your profile says you like that pirate movie… how can a you be straight if you like that movie. You do know that all pirates are gay right…

Wow, you’re absolutly fucking retarded. Don’t speak.

Oh no you di’nt!

I understand that his question was addressed in mb help, but that doesn’t mean you have to ream him to the point where he is inclined to fight back. You were so quick to jump to the rules earlier, what about this one?

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there is no stupid question. What is simple for some is hard for others. Be considerate.

I think we can let people join our forums without ridicule. He was fighting back.

Ok, while I would expect this out of vicious, who is new, and was presented with a hostile ‘welcome’, and doesn’t know any better, I would NOT expect it from forum regulars.

You guys need to kick back. Topic closed, and for those of you who don’t know (and DO know), no hateful, frivolous insulting of anyone. Y’all have been warned.