how do I acquire skill number 3 & 4 of Yuna's songstress skill in FFX-2??


By quit playing that piece of shit game and playing something better.

This is how you do it: To learn “MP Mambo” and “Magical Masque” you must aquire two key items(Magical Dances Vol.1 & 2). Volume 1 is obtained by defeating the boss enemies in the Den of Woe at Mushroom Rock. Volume 2 is obtained by defeating the Experiment in Djose Temple during chap.5. When the boses attack, defence, and special parameters are all at lv 5. Thats how it’s done!

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Some of us actually enjoyed playing it, thanks very much.

I actually preferred X-2 to X. Probably because I didn’t care for X all that much so went into X-2 with no reservations.

X-2 is a much more fun game than X (IMO, of course). While they both have abyssmal plots (as is the norm in Final Fantasy), the fast-paced battle system, the minigames that were actually fun, and the (believe it or not) brevity of the game made it for me. I like both games, but I’d rather play X-2 because it actually feels like a game.

Of course, I thought that both games were way too easy, but that is just because I grew up on NES games (which kicked my ass routinely). :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a fun game, but everything else (acting, script, story, backtracking, ease) made killed any chance of enjoyment.

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Fine, I’ll stay out of FFX-2 threads from now on.

Any of you play the button pressing minigames on the thunder plains in x-2? During those was the first time I ever threw a controller out of rage.

It took you that long to get around to throwing a controller? Shoot, I did that playing Super Mario Bros. on my old NES. When it was new.

Anyway, I tried, but I didn’t try too hard since the actual doing was the important part, not the winning.

Barring the opening pop princess crap, I liked FFX-2.

I thought that the Thunder Plains minigames (which were completely optional, BTW- not even required to reach the full percentage) were actually pretty fun. They were a lot better, at any rate, than dodging lightning bolts for ten thousand years in FFX.

Oh God, how many times did you need to dodge the lightning bolts in FFX to get the Sigil for Lulu’s ultimate weapon? I just remember it being agony. Compared to the tasks for the Sigils in X most of the stuff in X-2 was more fun.

Two hundred. Two motherfucking hundred.

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