How did you...

come up with your online name?
Also, what names can you remember using before using your current one?
I know this has been done before, but it was lost awhile back, and we have new people.
Mine: Well, it’s my real name. I think I’m one of the few people (not the only person) here at RPGC to not make up an online name.
Previous: DanteDemon, Gaborn(Gaborn val Orden at times), SteveTheNormalGuy, Steve, and Stevus.

I’ve only used SteveTheNormalGuy, Stevus, and Steve on the boards. The rest were chat.

How about everyone else?

A friend came up with it since my full name sounds so weird if you’re just a Finn…

Been using it ever since… 1997

Um… people used call me Alyx at school, so…
I haven’t any other names I’ve gone by on this forum, but another on I use is Kitsunenyu

Neb=Ben backwards. Simple.

Nebagram- very complicated to go into, but sod it, I’ve got the time. My favourite TV show is a quiz show (surprise surprise) called “Countdown”, in the commercial breaks of which, they have little 7-letter anagrams for people to play at home and try to work out. These went through a variety of name, one of them was “dickagram”, in honour of the host, Richard “Dick” Whiteley. I thought “I’m having some of that” and changed my forum name (from a forum a long time ago) from Ben tp benagram, and later nebagram.

Boringest tale of what?

Others- Hulla Mahulla (maybe still around on the boards somewhere :-S ) gibberish yelled by my mate Baldrick’s drunken younger brother one day. Sounded vaguely cool so I went with it, and made it my main email address, located at (email it if you don’t believe me)

Fascinating… :boring: :boring: :boring:

Well let’s see, I came up with Heaven’s Soldier, since I always had a thing for angels, but I thought that using the term angel itself, would be unoriginal. So I thought of alternative, and came up with Heaven’s Soldier.

As for previous names, when I first joined, I was Samuria Tiger (which came from my love for both samurais, and my Chinese horoscope, tiger), but the stupid worm virus, got rid of that identity, rather quickly.

Nero. Either know your history or play the first minute of Phantasy Star I, either way it’s good.

Recently I’ve also been going around as Centrifugal Bumble-puppy. Read Brave New World.

I went by Adolescent White American Male Who Likes 47 for obscure reasons, and when I joined a sub-group on the (British) H2G2, they shortened it to “Yanke Kid. Likes 47” or YK-47. I eventually dropped the 47, forgot the entire previous story, and took Yaridovich from SMRPG and Kramer from nowhere in particular, then remembered it and said “D’oh!”

I got 3 nicknames.

Nightblade i got from Seiken Densetsu 3. Hawk is so cool.

My other one is beer, people have been calling me that since grade 2. ( my real name is Niebeer)

My other one is Nibbles. i got that nick in grade 7.

My reallife nicknames are better. I’m trying to erase the existence of my first internet persona, and have been pretty successful.

Brindar- from Dragon Warrior 3, thought it was pretty cool and obscure enough that it was always free, but I gave that to my brother for Runescape a couple years ago.
Joatmon- an acronym that I believe describes me well: Jack of all trade, master of none.
demigod- no idea, just wanted something that sounded powerful

Real life nicknames:
Azeez, the Friendly Neighborhood Terrorist- There’s a long story about this. Short version: I’ve got a red ski mask that I wear when it’s cold out, on a scout trip in Philly, a friend said I looked like a terrorist with it on, but only a friendly terrorist would wear a RED ski mask. This was in 1999, and I have a few friends who know the story that call me this, or a variation (Azeezman).
Kid- When I first joined stage crew in high school, a couple of the girls needed to get my attention but didn’t know my name, so they just said “Hey, kid.” One felt bad that they didn’t know my name, but the other asked if I didn’t mind, which I didn’t, so they still call me “Kid”.
Sven Svenson- Actually a character name for a skit, but it has become almost an alter-ego. I needed a tough-sounding name for a tough guy character, which is part of the joke because I wasand am a twig. The specific skit it was created for is a boy scout called the Tree Climber skit. I apparently do it well enough that I can do it every trip and people don’t get sick of it.

I got Valkyrie from my interest in Norse Myth, and Esker… well, I actually ripped that off of one of my sister’s characters.
Behold, the Original Esker.

I made it up one day. End of story.

Originally posted by Nulani
I made it up one day. End of story.
Yeah, although mine is a bit less creative.

<img src=“”> A little bird told me.

When I once made an RPG using Rm2k, I designed an attack called Omega Flare. I was trying to think of a good online name, and I came up with Omegaflare. I don’t completely remember why I tacked on the X, though. In any case, my screen name looks better with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I took letters from my name and stuck 'em together. Not the Zombie part I mean the Orian part.

Martin Jigmar is a character from an anime. I decided to use it here to see how long it took somebody to look at my profile/put 2 and 2 together from my posts and identify me as Citizen Bleys from EoFF. I just thought the name sounded good, honestly.

Citizen Bleys is just me first name with “Citizen” in front of it, a la Citizen Kane. Although in the case of Citizen Kane, it was Citizen in front of his last name. But I don’t really have much in common with Charles Foster Kane, to be honest. I wish I had money.

Dragonessa-- We’ve all heard this story a million times. Looked up dragon sites, found a list with the word “dragon” in a billion different languages. This one’s Italian.

Nessie-- In 3rd grade, we studied Scotland. No clue why, but it was a cool unit. We learned about the Loch Ness monster. My real name is Vanessa. 3rd graders have funny imaginations, and while I didn’t like it at first, it grew on me.

and, a DVD-exclusive bonus… an OLD name!

ShadowEdge-- Before I actually joined the boards, but I was wandering around the site for a while. I actually posted in the polls with this name a coupla times. As you might guess, it’s the names of my two favorite ninjas stapled together. Go ninja, go ninja, go.

I might have a new one coming up, to go along with some changes in my life. Still trying to come up with an image to go along with it tho… so it could be awhile, if ever.

Cala’s my nickname IRl…

Azrael: I listened to Batman: Knightfall, which has the character Azrael the avenging angel. I thought he kicked ass and chose that name. As for SH I think Seph’s cool, and my last name is Hayes.

I got it to instigate comments from people about me being the love child of Avril Lavigne and George Bush < /sarcasm >

Truthfully I can’t remember why.