How come the sellers of these Wild Card things always end the auction early?

Check out ebay #8175223929-It is for a Super Wild Card DX2. I have noticed that whenever one of these things shows up on ebay the seller always ends the auction early. I wonder why this is?- i remember about 1994 there was a fanzine devoted to this machine called “The Wild Card News”-i wrote for a free sample issue back in the days when EGM- Electronic Gaming Monthly- used to devote a couple of pages to various fanzines with the offer to write for free samples- That is how i found out about the RPG Completers club who had a monthly Newsletter-The strangest fanzine i remember was called " The Video Game World of Chris Houlihan"-( this guy had a heck of an ego- i remember one issue he called himself the Video Game God")and apparently this wasn’t the guy’s real name- it was a name Nintendo gave the guy who was some contest winner to protect his identity- I knew a game counciler at Nintendo then and he told me the guy’s real name but i don’t remember it- i may have it somewhere in my Zelda folder in a file cabinet- But since Nintendo gave him that name he used it because he thought people would know who he was- i remember everyone at that time was trying to discover his real name.

I don’t think Ebay lets you sell VG Copiers, so they stop the auctions when they find out about them.

Aye, that’s correct, Hiryuu. If you want a Super Wildcard (SWC), or a Super Magicom (SMC), or anything like that, you’ll have to find a source far more underground. For those who don’t know what those devices are, look at the 3 letter discriptions. You might recognize them from somewhere. Those are devices that are used to make files that end in those three letters.

I noticed my SNES9X emulator plays games that end with smc like Breath of Fire.smc–this means that games copied on that Super Magicom if you load them in a computer they should play on the emulator- If you have a Super Wild Card all you need to do is change the file name at the end from swc to smc- use the rename on the computer and then the Super Wild Card copied game will play on the emulator too-i have read where gamers did this for Legend of Zelda if they wanted to play it on an emulator besides the cart because the SNES9X emulator has a built in pro action replay-They copied the game on a Super Wild Card then renamed the file to end in a smc then it would play on the emulator-(i notice you have to copy the actual cart of the game on a game copier to do this because sites like rom nation have something called the IDSA which prevents you from downloading the game- What is the IDSA???) You can get some interesting saves on an emulator using the built in pro action replay- i have one at the beginning of the game in the basement of Hyrule castle just after you get the sword from Link’s uncle with the gold glove,bow, 70 arrows,50 bombs,the hookshot,hammer, gold shield, red clothing,flute, ice rod and fire rod- All these at the beginning of the game!If anyone on this board would want that save to play the game with e-mail me and i will send it to you- my e-mail–

Yeah, we call those roms. It’s nothing amazing or new. Neither are save states or cheating devices.

For that matter, neither is the zsnes speed up/fast forward button thingy.

They allow flash carts though, strangely enough. Mind you those cost a fuckload for a single cart.

Chris Houlihan? Wasn’t he the guy that got the cart reset room in LttP named after him?

Yeah, the Chris Houlihan room from LttP.

Although you wouldn’t know that by looking at the LttP shrine.

Now there’s a shrine that needs to be fixed up…-_-

Actually, SWC files play fine in any of the major SNES emulators, so do .fig files (though I can’t remember which dumper made those).

What is the IDSA? The IDSA is the former name of <A HREF=“”>The ESA</A>, or the Entertainment Software Association. They basically act as counsel for most game developers, and protect their intellectual property rights, and they also founded the <A HREF=“”>ESRB</A>, which makes the game ratings.

Thanks, for the post about the IDSA- now i know who they are- there are so many gov’t agencies and private watchdogs now my calendar should read 1984 not 2005- Maybe that is why i can’t locate any of my old video game friends-They probably work for one of these agencies now and have to keep thier identities secret- If my old friend Brian the Pransker works for one of them we’re in trouble-