How come no one had posted this yet? Water found on Mars.

Cool. Pictures Mars water being sold here Fwehehe. :stuck_out_tongue:

What? It wasn’t sold already?

Whoa cool they finally discovered the water there.

Hey, proof that Sim Earth was right about using commets for terraforming.

Thats not frozen water, that frozen C02, its the same thing as the planets polar ice caps, its just a different color.

Researchers studying the images are sure it is not frozen carbon dioxide (CO2), because CO2 ice had already disappeared from the north polar cap at the time the image was taken.

And why is this new? Hadn’t they already discovered large amounts of ice on the poles?

How are they sure that its water? I dont believe it, because they cant really prove its water. They just wanna get people excited that there are other planets suiteable to live on. When they get a sample of it, and experiment on it, and prove its water, I dont believe them. So thats that.

Brilliant logic, absolutely brilliant. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it HAS to be a MOOSE!

Perhaps once there were oceans on Mars.

Ha ha, very funny. Im just saying, they cant say its water till they find out for sure. It very well could be C02, they dont know for sure, they are scientists, they base life in a whole bunch of theorys. I dont like scientist, because some just make up a whole bunch of shit.

They reversed the polarity on their long range sensor array and retooled the flux capacitor to get an accurate reading, so they know it’s water.

Ok, maybe ill let this one slip by and believe it, i guess it wouldnt hurt. Ok, it is water. I agree. I just think that earth is special and would be the only one with H20.

…And idiots. >_>

I agree, because every time i say somthing, im always wrong apparntly, or so it would seem, so ill just agree.

Jesus Christ… you’ve been back for less than a few weeks, and I’m already starting to hate you again.

Don’t encourage him.

Earth isn’t too special with water. Jupiters moon, Europa, is believed to have an extremly thick coating of ice with liquid water deeper down where pressure won’t allow water to freeze. Assuming there is volcanic activity that deep life could concievably happen near vents in a similar fashon to the mid-atlantic ridge. Comets are made of ice and dust, making a sort of rocky snowball. So water isn’t unique to earth.

Colors don’t just randomly change dude. If you actually read the article you would have caught this.

Any way I’m too lazy to push further in to what you have said.

It’s new because it’s not CO2, it’s H2O. We have yet to find it in a liquid state anywhere besides Earth. So finding this frozen lake on the surface of mars is a big deal.

Have you ever seen Shockwave? Watch it and listen really close for a certain quote in the movie.

…Are you sure you’re talking about scientists here?