How can I install my microphone?

I assume that my microphone, since it came with nothing but a plug, follows the same basics as other mics. There was no drivers on the website, and even after following these guidelines gave me no more sound.

I know I suck at installing that kind of stuff. Hardware never was my forte. I’m believing the cause to come from my sound card (ATI ALL-IN-WONDER), but even installing the latest drivers gave me no more result. Recording is as silent as ever.

Any ideas?

And before you ask, it is plugged in

Is the mic unmuted? Go to the Volume Control Panel and uncheck it if it is. I had that problem awile back.

Because it should just plug in and be ready to go. Shouldn’t it?

Is it USB or Analog plug? If it is an analog plug (looks like headphone plug), there can be no drivers, so that is not the issue.

If it’s Analog Try other PC’s? It could be your sound card, but I’d doubt it!