How bout those fighting Illini...

Illinios State college is in first place for college basketball. They have 24 straight wins as of a few hours ago…the best start for them in 100 years. So ya, they’re doing good and I thought I’d put in the closest related link I could find which is >here<.

I have two friends with a bet going on whether Illinois will go undefeated through the NCAA tournament, that’s including the Big 10 tourny. They basically have the regular season locked up, but Iowa State may pose a problem AGAIN in the Big 10 Tourny. I don’t think they should have any trouble in the NCAA until they have to face possibly UNC Chapel Hill.

Im definately not trying to be rude here or anything.

its just that illinois state’s basketball team sucks,
i think your referring to University of Illinois’ basketball team.

(yes i know, all of us illinoisans and our goofy universities)


KU was playing good but now their just sucking majorly.

UGA has had an impressive season. We were slated to only win five games at most, but we had three upsets (Oregon, Vanderbilt, and Auburn). So, we’re over achievers with our 8-20something losses. Dick Vitale even said Felton should get coach of the year for what he’s done with the (lack of) talent he has.