Hot New Spider Man 3 Info!!

To clarify, that is not a black and white photo. Topher Grace as Venom? Apparently so!

I always thought the Venom bit was one of the more interesting storylines.

I’m sorry, but when I see Eric Forman, I don’t think Venom.

I tend to agree with 984, it hurts and stings. They’ll probably manage to pull it off though.

It could also be Peter wearing the Black Costume (alien symbiote) that later merges with someone else to become Venom. That’s a key part of Venom’s origin.

And since the acting and directing has been good so far, I too am confident they’ll handle the character well.

Yes but that is a very long stroyline with the spiderman’s alien symbiote costume. Then they would have to include the fantastic four to get the symbiote off of peter. Although it wasn’t them personally who did it, but it was their idea that soundwaves were the symbiotes weakness. I persoanlly think that they should have put some of the original villians in like Electro, the Rhino, the Vulture, Scorpion or the sinsiter six even!

Wasn’t Sandman going to be in this movie?

I wonder if Mary Jane dies in this one or you know get tossed into a diminsional vortex.

You’re not very familiar with how comic book adaptations are done, are you?

I thought the Lizard was going to be in this one. They hinted at Doc Conner’s dabbling in mutagenics at the end of the last movie.

I always considered Venom one of the best enemies in Spiderman, so I’ll be looking forward to this one. I just hope the cool/morbid looking poster isn’t a harbinger of more of Peter Parker’s angst because I can only take so damn much of it.

Venom hasn’t been confirmed. All we know is that Sandman and at least one other villain make appearances, but naturally after seeing this poster speculation has gone out of hand. Listen, Sam Raimi has stated publicly that he does NOT want to include Venom in the Spider-Man films. Admittedly, he said that right when Spider-Man 2 was being hyped before release, but I am still extremely skeptical. We know Sandman’s in it, and it’s likely that we’ll eventually see The Lizard and Harry Osbourn either follow in his father’s footsteps in the Green Goblin or become the Hobgoblin. We can only wait and see, but it should be at least another nine months or so before they’re finished filming this bad boy.

Venom or not, I’m orgasming.

Now, the Sandman. I CAN see Eric Forman as Sandman.

As for Venom, I have a feeling they’ll handle the symbiote origin the same way the cartoon will. Possibly have the symbiote appear in this movie, Spidey gets increasing violent, gets rid of the symbiote using something like a church bell (once again, cartoon), and it sets up Venom for 4. I mean, Sandman, Green Goblin II, AND Venom all in one movie? That’s just overkill.

However, Spiderman 6 better have the Sinister Six in it. ^.~

I could see it going how The 984 describes it.

In fact, sounds pretty sexy. :wink: