Hot dogs!

Because of my diet, I eat veggie dogs (but not tofu dogs), and I add ketchup, (German or baseball, but not Dijon) mustard, sour pickle relish (never sweet), and onions. I have sometimes added chilli peppers, but since I am not very partial to piquant foods, quantities have been small. I have tried organic hot dogs, though, and they are very good, but unfortunately also a luxury for me.

On the whole, I prefer bratwursts, frankfurters, and other kinds of European (and especially German) wieners to hot dogs. To these I usually add German mustard, onions, and sauerkraut.

Cheese. Just cheese.

I feel like I should have struck some dramatic post or something… oh well.

bites Him’s ear off

Chili Cheese

I usually have Ketchup & Mustard & Relish & Pickles & Bacon Bits & Mayonaise & Hot Mustard & Chili Sauce & Barbecue Sauce & Onion slivers & Hot sauce & cheese.

I get all that for 1.75$.

I like hot-dogs.