Hot damn, video games ARE the root of all evil!

So says Mr. Jack Thompson, one of ACLU’s “top ten censors” of last year.

So far, we have: promises of vengenace, insult-throwing, mud-slinging, and claiming that people have no control over their actions… basically all the standard “video games are evil and training us to be violent killers” spiel. It also mentions our good Senator Lieberman.

And then there’s the warnings about a disaster “worse than Columbine”. What thet fuck? Is this guy a terrorist or something? Leave that job to the fanatics.

Feel free to pick it apart!

Any M-rated game has violence levels unacceptable and definitionally harmful to anyone under 17.

Because we all know that once you cross the magical border and become 17, you are a perfectly uninfluencable adult :smiley:

Besides, if it’s M-rated, it’s the parents’ responsibility to stop their little tykes playing it. Duh.

This gets to a fundamental lie being propagated by the video game industry.

It’s not like games are pretending to be the tellytubbies and really hiding massacres behind their screens - the creators are acknowledging that there is violence in the games and they are hence appropriately labelled.

Besides, blaming video games for violence is like blaming spoons for fat people.

Yes, I think games can desensitise. But let’s consider just how many people play video games. And then how many go on murderous killing sprees as a result.

Small percentage much?

Personally I find video games tend to disperse my aggression. I’d rather take out my violent impulses on a bunch of pixels by blowing virtual shit up rather than be a complete and utter beyotch to my fellows. I’ve played video games, of all maturity levels, since I was about five years old, and, yeah, people may laugh at this usually comical phrase, but I didn’t turn out half bad. IRL I’m quiet, polite and I’ve always been among the top students at my various academic establishments.

Besides, despite my point about games being appropriately labelled, my parents have always trusted me with games beyond my age level. Why? Because they’ve raised me well enough to be able to distinguish between reality and virtuality, and with morals that aren’t flimsy enough to be shattered by some pixellated violence.

Parents just can’t raise their kids properly anymore, that’s the problem. If a person’s gonna go on a killing spree, I’m pretty sure they’d have done it anyway eventually, video games or not.

Family Guy best portrayed the outrageousness of placing moral responsibility for events on unrelated actions undertaken:

Peter, as a child, in a museum: “Why did all the dinosaurs die?”
Curator: “Because you touch yourself.”

How long did it take these guys to leave Rap music relatively alone? You know, just to compare and see how longer do we have to hear this shit.

If you read this guy’s responses and <a href = “”>Jack Thomson</a>'s, of Ctrl+Alt+Del fame, you can see a really large difference in identifying the problem.

Correlation: a link between two identified characteristics or actions.

Thats what we have with this video games - violence connection. Yes, more poeple who play violent video games are violent in real life. But have any of these censors stopped to think that maybe they play violent video games because they like violence already? Of all the violent sadistic fuckers that I know, not one learned to be a violent or sadistic son of bitch by playing video games. Down to the very last one of them, they play violent video games because they LIKE violence.

But what do I know, I only have four friends who are sociopathic and or psychotic, and have been since before I met them in pre-school. Case studies are obviously wrong if you can pretend that a correlation statistic is a causality statistic. Fucking Censors. If I ever become a major national leader through military force, I am so going to proscribe them (I learned that flavor of violence in a college course, why don’t we outlaw college?).

All these articles on video game violence are the things that are making me violent.

After reading them I have an urge to beat the crap out of a dead horse

Great interview, too bad we’ve all been saying exactly that for the past few years and still nobody cares. We can only hope that some day, some random celebrity/popular group comes out and says it so people will actually listen, stop using this scapegoat and say that we should have put it that way from the beginning like what happened with CNN’s “Video games don’t cause deficiency in social skills” article.

Let’s R-Rate CNN, FOX and BBC News. They even depict reality.

And so, once again… Nul nuked them all! ^^ You know what I think? Those morons probably should find a hobby. Since they don’t have anything better to do, they spend their time bashing other people’s hobbies. Why don’t they blame the alcoholic beverage industry for all the violent incidents in which drunkards participate while they’re at it? Or why don’t they blame the automobile industry for all those car accidents? Pah, morons! I know this sounds strange coming from me, but seriously, those guys need a life.

Actually, there is a chance video games lead to violence in individuals. Violent TV has been found to have a very small cause and effect relationship with violence in individuals. It’s a small predictor, but it’s still there nonetheless. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a small cause and effect relationship between playing violent games and violence in individuals. Then again, the debunked Catharsis Theory might actually hold true with video games given its more hands on approach to releasing anger.

Actually, I believe that it has been proven that there is a correlation between violent media and violence, but that does not mean that it causes it. Correlation and causation are two completely different things.

I may agree with what this man says to a small degree, but I did NOT agree with the way he said it.

Bombastic jerk.

The problem is keeping virtual aggression confined. People need to have enough common sense. I mean, going on a killing spree just because a game brought some tension to your sistem is beyond retarded. Also, when it comes to sporting events, there’s a little something called sportsmanship. If the so-called fans don’t have it, then they should stay at home yelling obscenities at their TVs instead of harassing everyone else.

Yes, but there is actually an extremely small margin of causality that has been “determined.” I put that in quotes because its too small a margin to call a real determination, but there is a small level of causality found.

Keep in mind though that this causality was simply for seeing violent images in media, so like Nulani said, major news stations should be blamed even more so than video games, because at least the lines between reality and entertainment are extant in the case of video games. CNN on the other hand can’t make the claim that viewers know that its images of violence are imaginary, unless it wants to throw away what little credibility it may still have left.

Indeed they are. However, there has been plenty of literature that points to causation too. As I said, it’s a small causation factor, but it exists nonetheless.

I’m not deying such a possibility. I merely think there are many factors involved, and that it is both reductionist and downright silly to blame just one of them for the whole thing. Each individual’s personality will largely affect the level and kind of influence.

Of course there will always be a small few people who may be influenced in that kind of way, but they are few and far between. And anyways, there are most likely other influences much worse than video games. I’m so tired of the idiotic media always spewing out this shit.

This sums it up quite well for me.

Billiam shares comic wisdom. I approve.

To be honest, I liked one of the points that showed American news coverage compared to Canadian news coverage. I think the news probably has quite the affect…