Horse meat

One must eat to survive. I see no diffrence in the respect you give a cow that is to be eaten, and a horse that is to be eaten.

The fact people have such a high repect for horses and perhaps a lower one for cows bothers me.


I heard in India they hold cows in high regard and don’t eat 'em.

I coulkd be wrong, though.

I would never eat horse meat,I just can’t even think about it.I live in a farm and was raised around horses and don’t think of them as food.

I’ve heard that too GG

Quote from Ren:
“This thread starts with “I think I could eat a dog”, so I think there is a serious side to it. I don’t like it when some people eat cows and pigs but get offended at seeing other people eating dogs.”

I should have said i would be wary of eating cats and dogs, probably would try it just to see what its like. I wouldn’t be offended seeing people eat them though.

Cows are sacred in India.

On three Charge! 1, 2, 3…

Charges at some sleaping livestock.

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So much for Walking me home!!

I think the reason horses are given more respect than cows, in general, is because the purpose for which they were domesticated requires a closer relationship with humans (as in, people ride domesticated horses, spend their time with them in close physical contact), whereas people domesticated cows for their milk and their meat. I don’t know, it’s a silly thing, but that’s the psychology I believe, behind why people don’t want to kill horses, but want to kill cows. It’s valid psychology (obviously, you’re not going to want to kill and eat something you feel close to), and Mastermune’s point is really important here when we’re looking at the reality of the situation. But at the same time, if you speak from a completely non-anthropocentric viewpoint, there really should be no difference in the respect you should afford to a horse you’re raising to be eaten (and its meat), and a cow you’re raising to be eaten (and its meat).

Most people don’t like eating horses, because they’re stuck to the traditions I guess. In the western countries, animals were tamed for certain purposes:
cow, pig: meat, leather/fur
chicken: meat, eggs, evtl. feathers.
dog: guard
cat: catch mice?
And if that gets mixed up, say, we make a coat out of puppy leather :P, most people seem to feel awkward. In other countries you used every animal for everything. Why not, anyway? The only bad thing about that is hunting wild animals like tigers and sharks; the only solution to their deaths would probably raising them like raising cattle… which would be pretty expensive.
Anyway. Meat is meat. I eat everything :stuck_out_tongue: Unless it’s dangerous. In a restaurant over here they ran out of mice and sold sewer rats instead (and served them as mice). Everyone who ate them woke up in the hospital.

Sacred animals, animals made to be closer to humans, you’re all crazy. Humans are just meat too. Hungry? eat your sister.


Yes, so I guess that means people wouldn’t eat their cars, because they have an affinity for them. Oh yeah, those cars, sure are lovable like horses! But would they eat their mothers? They get milk from them too.
mmmmmmmmmm mom.

No, but I’d eat your mother. In fact, I “ate” her just last night, if you catch my meaning.

I like horses they’re useful. Cows cannot be ridden ver effectively nor can they be taght to jump fences. I tried to do both. The first time the cow just stood there while I kicked its sides, the second time it walked a few steps then mooed at me before standing there like an idiot.

Listen to Eden!
Even if humans taste awful.

Apparently the area of the palm right by the thumb is the tastiest part of the human body

So long as the livestock is treated humanely and not injected with all manner of chemicals and growth hormones, I am willing to eat meat (other than human).

Maz said it better than I could. Cows are walking meat. Horses are like, noble animals, and it just hurts to see one die because of the close relationships they have with humans. It’s the same with dolphins.

But I’m <b><u>extremely</b></u> biased because someone I love is obsessed with horses and she makes them sound very human and just looking into their eyes makes me take pity on them when they’re suffering because I feel like the unconditional love they give humans is being abused and decieved when you kill them just to fill your stomach.

Please specify.

So, I could humanize cows too. When I was 5 my father had a farm and in it we had an ox who was smarter than all the horses together. He did some amazing things. For example, we never trained him, but he’d voluntarily duck for me to climb on his back and then I’d ride him.

I believe that it’s a Buddhist belief not to eat cows, they consider them sacred.

Like I said, I’m extremely biased.