Horse meat

What do you think?

Like, people eat cows, pigs and chicken, and they don’t have problems with it, but when it comes to eating horses a lot of people get offended. I think they are ‘specieists’.

Anyway, the american senate is now with this discussion on hands, whether american horses should or shouldn’t be killed to become food.

They are not eaten in the US, but rather sold, mostly to Europe and Japan. 50,000 horses are butchered in Texas every year, and that’s a $41 million income for horse meat companies.

If I weren’t a vegetarian, horse meat would be just like cow meat to me (but with less fat!). I see no problem in eating them. But I want other people’s opinions.

I’ve never had horse meat, but I really don’t see any problem with eating it.

Some Asian countries also have puppy and kitty. Good advice never eat at an Asian eatery where theres a pet store nearby.

Well i have a problem if ever were presented horse meat, because horses are beautiful animals, id probably try some =\ however. I’m not sure but maybe most people have problems with eating animals they would own or its just a matter of what culture you grew from? I have had venison before, poor bambi, but he was pretty decent tasting. Only meat im not willing to try is cat, dog, and human.

As long as it tastes good I’ll eat it.

I don’t know… I guess it’d be worth trying… I mean, people used to eat rabbits too… not sure if some people still do…

But yeah, I agree with GSM…

By the way, american soldiers ate horse meat during WW2. But nowadays, the people who want to ban horse killing for food argue that horses are “artists and athletes.”

Get away from me

(Living in Europe, yes, I eat horses. Taste good too.)

There was an episode of captain planet where bad guy “Hogesh Greedly” ate a horse…

Thats about all i have to say on this topic

Just now I found that Chris Heyde, from the National Horse Protection Coalization, said it is better to apply euthanasia on a horse than kill it to sell its flesh, therefore the new law banning horse meat production should be passed on.

By the way, killing horses to make food is ilegal in California. It is okay to do so Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio and Virginia. I don’t know about the other states.

Yar, that was great :P.

As for horse meat, I doubt it’d slide with the US public if horse meat was actually sold in the US nowadays because it’d need to become marketable and it would need an impossible amount of effot to compete with the beef industry on a large scale. TD: really?

Since i actually own a horse, i don’t think i’d be able to eat one.
I guess its really about taste.

My mom used to prepare meals with horse meat saying it was cow. We all believed her until she told us what it was. There isn’t much difference in taste. It’s just a bit awkward because the primary function of horses have never been to feed people, I don’t know.

Woo Virginia! Id try anything once. Like, one time, me and my horse got really drunk… and we went back to her place and…lets just say horse child support costs WAY too much.

If it’s edible.
Why not?

Yeah. I was brought up with it, so I don’t really see what’s all that weird about it. Shit, I thought you people ate it too :stuck_out_tongue: It’s pretty much the same in taste, maybe a little bit saltier. I like it.

Who cares? Meat’s meat.

Horse meat? Yeah, sure, I eat at Hardees every now and then.

To sell it in the US, horse meat marketers would need a catchy new name for it. For example, dolphin fish is sold as mahimahi, their Hawaiian name, to prevent confusion with dolphins.

Never eaten horse (that I know of), but I would. Animals are here to be eaten, why not. I think maddox says it best:
“For every animal you don’t eat, I’ll eat three.”