I have the craving for some Horror anime. Now I don’t mean like “blood everywhere, not really scary just because people are getting ripped apart” scary, I mean like “Holy shit, what the fuck is going on, don’t go in there! Emotional thriller” scary. Or something.

That’s very, very rare n my experience. About the only thing I can think of is Perfect Blue, if you haven’t seen it already. That’s fucked up. IMO though, real horror is far far better than anime horror any day.

I’m looking for good horror period. All the movies out today are shit. The best horror experiance I’ve had in a long time is Silent Hill. But I want a good horror movie.

you probly cant find any good horror mocies these days.

maybe you should look at the old scary movies.

like the fly. that movie… well actauly it did’ent scare me it just made me cring in disgust.

um how about carrie… no wait that did’ent scare me either. it just made me hate high school even more.

man there must be some movie that scared me. :moogle:

Just smoke a bowl or two, and then watch any kind of horror anything - and I guarantee you’ll be more scared than you’ve ever been. It. is. a. blast.

a bowl of what??

:moogle: pot?