Horde Alt

I wonder if seeing Sin’s hate is worth 15 bucks a month.
Because that’s about 80 minutes of work worth of money. For an entire month of play.

It’s like 3 hours for me asshole.

But not for long…

I quit WoW a while ago when it became apparent that with my wonky work schedule I was never going to be able to keep up. I might reactivate to just mess around with people’s alts but my main (and only character that’s worth a shit)is alliance, unfortunately. I did more heroics than I care to count but all the fun encounters are in raids.

Good luck though, it’s a really good game, IMO.

it’s very possible to raid KZ casually Rast.

Sorry Mer, I stopped playing a few weeks ago. Raiding as a druid sucks. :frowning:


Yeah I know but I’m not going to settle for being second rate.

Also, I’ve been having a blast playing Eve Online for about a month now.