Horde Alt

I am going to be starting up a couple Horde alts (which may become more than alts), and wouldn’t mind playing on a server where there are some RPGCers. My goal is to be within range of 70 sometime around the Frozen Crusade. If anyone is playing Horde, let me know what realm it is. RPT I saw you made a thread a couple months back about realms, did you settle on one or still playing?

I currently have a pair of level 8 alts on Darrowmere, so if no one is making Hordelings, but wants to … we could do it there.

I’d prefer a PVP server, but not fully opposed to the carebear route.

I have my Blood Elf hunter on Dragonmaw, but I’m planning on transferring it to an RP server (Sentinels) some friends play on sometime in the future.

I still play. I hit 60 a couple weeks of go, and am only 62 now. I’ve slowed down since then and am likely to continue at that pace since the semester’s starting up and all.

Me, Sinistral and Spoony still play on Burning Blade.

Sinistral is full of hate for those who fish his spots.

Yup, as Zero says, I have two main alts on Burning Blade. A Lv28 Shaman, who’s stalling, and a new Lv17 Hunter. Though I have a higher level character, Lv41 Warlock, on Dragonblight mostly due to me being a PvP turtle (or ‘carebear’, whatever). Though I’m liking my new Hunter, so I may actually get somewhere with him.

Rahvenus, Zero, Sinistral, QPZ4 , Dark Sand and I are all on BB, with a bunch of other people. And yes, Sin is brimming with hate.

ok, expect to see Retrogirl and Futureboy in a town near you!

I made a Horde alt today but on the wrong server. :frowning:

I should most likely be shot for this, but i have no idea WTF you people are talking about.

World of Warcraft.

You got two warring sides, the Alliance (Night elves, humans, dwarves, gnomes, draenei) and the Horde (Orcs, trolls, taurens, forsaken and blood elves).

Your quests, rewards, starting/prefered zones and so on are determined by which side you pick, but more importantly is who you can group with. Alliances and Horde cannot communicate or cooperate officially, and on Player vs Player servers can murder each other in the face.

I’ve had cases where an Alliance guy helped me kill a monster, but they’re the exception rather than the rule.

Edit: Dunno why I forgot undead forsaken and draenei in my list.

Considering Warcraft 3’s story that’s a really sensible option.

Chuh is still on Dragonmaw, everyone else left.

I’m on Smolderthorn and Kil’jaeden, go there :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, let me know where you start your char since it would be nice to play with someone I sort of know rather than 13-year olds :confused:

EDIT: Ok it seems everyone’s on Burning Blade.

Man. I just left Dragonmaw without knowing you were ever there.

I would join you guys… if I played the retail wow, that is.

Yeah, I’m now “Curtyss” on Burning Blade, “Curtys” on Kil’jaeden and “Curtysk” on Smolderthorn.

But wow, does Burning Blade always kick people as much as it did last night??

Burning Blade???

Ah god damnit! When I played on my ex’s account from Jan. to June, I played on that server!

Poor Shantae, deathbymeat, and Dirtytaco. I’ll never see those characters again. : (

No, that was a server screwup. I’ve only seen it that bad when TBC had just been released.

ugh your server is so old and high pop. Darrowmere seems a lot more appealing, low overall pop, but high enough Horde pop.

but I’ll be there, better to play with people I know I suppose. What are your names those on Burning Blade?

I plan to only play them on rest experience, so I won’t be on constantly.

I’m Latooceas there.

My Shaman is Donidan, but he gets played less and less lately, and right now I’m focused on my new hunter, Rugbedo.