Hopes & Dreams

  • Build a Latin vocuabulary so I can say more interesting things than <i>fractura claviculae</i> and <i>“taraxaci!” cogitabam</i>. =P

  • Learn how to draw.

  • Write, but not become an author. That would mean risking fame, and I <i>do not</i> want to be famous.

  • Study Psychology. I don’t want to become a Psychologist, either, but I adore Psychology.

  • Finally decide on what to work with in the future.

    • Get a well paying job that I like. Or win the lottery so I don’t have to work at all.
  • Live on my own for a while

  • Go to Japan! Woo!

  • DANCE!! And also learn some kind of “real” dance.

  • Learn how to cook and bake. Well, I <i>can</i>, but I want to be good at it.

  • Attend that RPGC mass meeting. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Good health for me and my wuved ones.

  • Move in with my boyfriend. Definitely not right away, but once I’m done here.

And other things… Oh, and as a side note: I HATE children. twitch

Another one is to <strike>take part in a mass sexual orgy of teh uber kawaii RPGC girls</strike> meet loads of teh uber kawaii RPGC girls.

Originally posted by Sephiroth Hayes
Another one is to <strike>take part in a mass sexual orgy of teh uber kawaii RPGC girls</strike> meet loads of teh uber kawaii RPGC girls.

<s>Frighteningly</s>Surprisingly you’re not the only one I’ve heard say that before.

What’s wrong with being uber kawaii?

Har har. I meant the orgy part, smartie pants:get it?:

I see no orgy part >_>

Now, this is an interesting matter…

  • Grow a backbone. Really. I’m way too nice, so to speak. if I get angry, I most likely regret it later.

  • Find my significant other.

  • I’ve always wanted to be a voice talent…

  • …or a comedian.

  • Comic artist sounds good too, if I had that wee bit of ambition… and a scriptwriter

  • Maybe I should just try and meet some of the cast in here. Even if it was limited to the Scandinavians and the Europeans!

  • A trip to America, even if just once.

  • Good Health and be well wished after my passing…

Quite frankly, I think I should care less about other people.

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
my dreams always consist of me in a room, covered in honey and donut sprinkles.


Anyway…i only have a few, and quite mundane dreams…

[li]Get out of high school in one piece.
[/li][li]Finish studying/become fluent in japanese.
[/li][li]Visit/Stay in japan
[/li][li]Go to college.
[/li][li]Get a nice job and a house.

I honestly think i have had enough fun in my life up until now. I’ve done alot in the few years i’ve been alive, and im tired of it. I’d rather just work in an office somewhere as a coprate lemming and just be boring and successful, than run around everyday being fun, crazy and doing whatever the hell i want…i’ve done enough of that already…

I want to take a cross-continental roadtrip. Ideally, I’d go down to California first, since it’s closest, then go east.

What do you expect to see on the east? Ever seen a tree, a squirell or a farm? If you have, than you’ve seen the east…

Originally posted by Devillion
What do you expect to see on the east? Ever seen a tree, a squirell or a farm? If you have, than you’ve seen the east…

How about New York, DC, Philly, Boston, etc.

  • win all Japan in Kendo

My hope and dreams,i must get to work if i plan in realizing them but here there are:

-Get better grades since this is my last year of school
-Find a nice university
-Get a girlfriend who likes anime and videogames
-Get a game programing job
-Visit Japan,Alaska(i know Alaska sounds wierd)and Canada
-Try to learn how to express my feelings beter since i have a lot of anger held up inside of me
-Get better at grammar

Hehe I noticed a lot of the guys want a girl into anime and videogames…is that really important in a passionate relationship? :wink: Yeah it can be, in sharing common interests but that shouldn’t be a determining factor…some of you could meet a girl tomorrow against all of your expectations and you could fall head over heels…

Now that I think about it, I have no hopes, and I really don’t have any dreams at all. In life, I just take it all one sip at a time, and let it all just roll towards me, and I step in the directions neccessary to avoid the boulders. I guess my only hope or dream is to not get crushed.

I play it by ear.

How about New York, DC, Philly, Boston, etc.

Come on man, you live in philly too (going by the info under your av)…you know theres nothing here except for the now dead love park, and the gang filled southstreet…

EDIT-We do have some kicka** cheesesteaks though.

Get into Waterloo University. (Done, studying Neurology and Psychology)
Find a Girlfriend.
Get married.
Have Kids.
Live a happy life.

Hopes and dreams are all well and good until they’re shattered on the jagged rocks of reality. Ah well, you gotta try anyway, there has to be something that will relieve the pain of the other failed dreams. That or you can live a horrible life and die after many years of regret. Your choice.

Geez, 90% of you all want to go to Japan. I don’t know why, but go ahead.

Most of these aren’t going to come true, so I say set secure, short-term goals that are easily attainable.

-Get into fucking shape

Because I most desperately need to. Partly done as I have a job, I’ll work my ass hard, thus will happen to be the beginning of my getting some sort of shape. I’m not asking to be Mr Universe, but all I want to get in shape.

-Get a car

It’d end many transportation woes I have.

-Get into university and at least do a masters.

As it’s required for my next goal.

-Land a job as a french teacher at my Cegep

Many of the french teachers there are great, and I would like to be part of such a legacy and give back to the school that has given me a lot (even if it was only the french teachers)

-Write poetry, or a book, or a novel, or lyrics for a band that doesn’t suck, not necessarily living off it, though if I can get some extra money doing so, I’ll gladly accept it.

I’ve long decided that I never had any musical talent to begin with, so I figure I’d better write. Some people think I’m good at it, but I doubt that very much.

-Resolve some issues I have

Some of you (okay, just two people) know me enough to know that I have certain issues in face of certain subjects, and I’d love to have them be resolved.

'part from that, well, I’d love to have a kid of my own, but that requires either adoption or a stable partner WILLING to have kids, which is RARE today. Maybe win EVO one year in any game, but we all know that’ll never happen.