Hopes & Dreams

In order of increasing importance:

Feel comfortable in doing whatever I what, completely unconcerned with what anyone else thinks, free of embarrassment.

Find someone to hold, someone to love. And I know who.

That is all. I have already accomplished what else I have desired. The rest is unnecessary, I need very little to be satisfied, and only a little more to be truely happy. I have respect, intelligence, health, talent, and friends.

I have seen happiness in a dream once, and it was wonderful. If only I could have that dream be real.

My hopes and dreams?

Do well in college.

Start a family.

Become a succesful entertainer (like actor or stand up comedian).

That’s pretty much it, I don’t really have any dreams of travelling too much or things like that.

I have a lot of hopes, but they boil down to a few things…

Get out of my current town, and live MY life… without anyone or anything influencing it.

A mass RPGC meeting would be cool. I, like Nessa, really DO love this place and all who reside within.

My hopes and dreams? More than anything else, I wanna fall in love with a nice gamer girl. :hahaha;

Originally posted by Shinji Hosoe

Go to an Iron Maiden Concert

Damn, that’s a pretty cool dream. I want to do that too one day… that’d be sweet.

I don’t really have many dreams or hopes, I just live life as it is. But there’s one thing that I would like to happen, that would be to be in the best band in the world, and make really good music. Maybe not the best band in the world, but a really good band.

ravenously devours the cookie Nessie gave him and searches for more

huh? hopes and dreams? Well… I suppose I have a few, but it’s nothin original

-Expand my life into something that more resembles an ACTUAL life… ya know like… job… school… doing stuff that requires money -_-

-Graduating with my Masters in Education and becoming a Teacher like I want to be wouldn’t be a bad hope would it?

-Travel, preferrably on a road trip.

-I guess I jump on the band wagon of wanting to be an author. I’ve already tried my luck at short (really short) stories and poetry and was pretty successful. Well… a string of 'A’s in classes kind of successful >_> I really want to get to work on my novel attempt, but somewhere between losing focus on it and the laptop it was on not working anymore… it’s kind of hard to get back into it.

-Last, but not least… I want to live with friends, my gf, or both if we find a big enough apartment _ But later on, I certainly wouldn’t mind sharing a house with a certain someone. Hopefully I won’t follow my brother’s lead (for once) and get into a nasty debt.

Well, there’s my hopes, dreams and goals. But they’re still important to me despite the unoriginality:moogle:

  • Get a girlfriend, hang her from a tree

  • Travel to a large city packing explosives

  • Destroying this thread, because my life accumulates to a pile of shit.

To land a career in music composition…And to be happy and makes my friends happy I guess. I don’t want much out of life. :stuck_out_tongue: Do you want something out of me, perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopes and Dreams?


Those all died when I was 14. And I’ve been a bitter, cynical, jaded old man bordering on nihilism ever since.

All my heroes died, or sold out, or whimped out, or turned out to be jerks.

I root for a sports team, star player either goes down with an injury or gets traded or bails via free agency or just plain loses his touch and starts sucking.

Every hope or dream I have given voice to quickly withers and dies as though there’s some psychic assassin picking them off as they fly out of my mouth. Or, to use a more common metaphor, “God/the universe hates me.”

So that’s why I never speak my hopes and dreams aloud anymore, and, in fact, I don’t like to even acknowledge their existence.

EDIT: But, um, uh, all of y’all sound like you have, in general, a pretty cool assortment of hopes and dreams and I hope that most of them come true in some form or another. That’d be cool. KthxBye.

Originally posted by Shinobi
[b]- Get a girlfriend, hang her from a tree

  • Travel to a large city packing explosives

  • Destroying this thread, because my life accumulates to a pile of shit. [/b]

Such a kind and pleasant person…:fungah:

  • make people respect my interests (my family especially)

  • live in harvestmoon (that could be sooo cool)

  • make an earthbound sequel

  • meet an otakugirl and fall in love with her

  • learn lots of languages

I’ve got three right now.

For the specific present:

Originally posted by Cless Alvein
<strike>• Post in this thread</strike>

For the general present:

  • To be able to be aware of the myself and my surroundings and combining mental and visceral inputs from both come to the most beneficial conclusion/action.

For the End:

  • To lay on my deathbed (whatever form it may take) and be content with the life I lived.

Yo dude, Kaiser, don’t worry about being nihilistic, dreams are dumb because they’re not even real. I mean they’re fun and all, but fun and all is all they’re good for - nothing like, video games can’t replace. A person can dream and dream all they want, but what’s infinitely more important to success and happiness is being able to react to the present in the way that’ll be the best for you IN THE PRESENT. that means you have to a) be aware of yourself in the present, b) be aware of what’s around you, and c) know what to do and be able to do that. and that’s useless marlon-philosophy-crap for the day. And that’s a dream worth having by the way - being able to react perfectly to reality. At least I hope so (hence wish #3).

-Mazrim Taim

Originally posted by Mazrim Taim
For the general present:

  • To be able to be aware of the myself and my surroundings and combining mental and visceral inputs from both come to the most beneficial conclusion/action.

For the End:

  • To lay on my deathbed (whatever form it may take) and be content with the life I lived.[/b]

Especially the first one, plus…ah nobody would want to hear it anyway :P. As for the being content, I’d just say it’s a bonus. :expressionless: I doubt I’ll be content in the end, but that’s another story.

As for more material dreams: I’d love to meet some rpgcers too, duh! Then for ONCE I wanna travel around in Germany a bit. I travel around the world and don’t know my own country, that’s kinda embarrassing. I’d get lost in the city I was born in :o
Then, go to a Rammstein/ Marilyn Manson Concert :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: And eat that yummy cake I ate once. It was like, MEGA yummy. I gotta find it again.
And I wanna get a cool dagger and if possible, two Gauntlets (don’t ask).
And of course the hugest collection of black boots on the whole wide world <_< …that’s about it. And of course, realeasing my rm2k game, finally ^^ Stupid custom menu. But I’ll figure it out somehow. gnarr

I want to:

  • Become a god at UNIX (of course :hahaha;)
  • Get a driver’s Licence (Bloody expensive classes… grmbl)
  • Become good at computers, down to being able to write my own drivers
  • Get a girlfriend
  • Get a job where people actually let me be creative (I couldn’t stand a drone job… shiver)
  • Get tickets for Return of the King premiere
  • Get all Nightwish albums and DVDs
  • Someday raise a family of my own
  • Go down to Australia and study for a few years

… I think that about sums it up. =)

  • Finally subscribe and learn Iaido
  • Leave this house, after making the bum rant and be pissed off for twelve minutes straight while I’m cooking dinner (He only lasted six last time, then he stomped off angrily, was it something I said?)
  • Find a kindred spirit
  • Corrolary: If plan A fails, find a murder-prone cat, because the ICOD is getting soft and I’m getting bored, she even purrs around strangers now, that’s just wrong.
  • Meet other RPGCers
  • Addon: Stalk Onionkid to bathroom, find out if he really IS that fast.
  • Noogie Mazrim, cuz.

In the slightly more ‘normal’ category

  • Get a job that I enjoy, or at least get to make a reputation as ruthless overlord, both would be good.
  • Hit Darkvampire/GC/Alwyn/whatever, because I really should have last time.
  • Be able to live my life and die with no regrets.

Hope and Dreams, some of the greatest things around.

-Well one is to marry my love. Which for me I have already found which is cool. And I wish all of you find the love of your life and never lose them.
-Well I would also like to meet all of you, that would be cool. See what you people my friends look like. You guys are like a family that is actually cool.
-Also with the marrying thing I would like to have a couple of kids, I got teach somebody about the importance of Final Fantasy might as well be my own kin.:cool:
-I want to go to college and study to become a chef, in hopes to own my own resturant that I would invite all of you guys too.
-Also travel to Japan, and Europe, and Squeenix:cool: . And of course everywhere you guys are.

Well thats pretty much it besides owning a whole bunch more video games, which I know will happen.

1- Be free. I’m tired of having to rely on other people. I really want to live on my own.

2- Grow wise and never repeat my past mistakes.

3- Forget all the stupid things I’ve done, as well as their painful results.

4- Find peace. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

5- Travel all over the world and visit the friends I’ve made.

5- Find a reason to smile again.

6- Enjoy life at least once.

7- Let go of my depressing thoughts.

8- Get an interesting occupation that will allow me to help other people.

9- Prove myself that I’m not as bad as I think.

10- Tell certain people how I really feel. I doubt I’ll ever be able to, but at least I can think of it.

11- Find out what I really want to do with my life.

12- Decide once and for all if I want to take any chances.

First of all, I am happy to see that so many of you haven’t lost hope in life, despite the terrible experiences some of you have gone/are going thru. (And those of you who do feel their lives suck- don’t give up, if the others can succeed, you can too!)

I’m particularly happy to hear about Nessa, and that she is doing well and still trying to better her life. Didn’t I tell you that people here would always give you support when you needed it? I only hope you consider ME part of your RPGC family; I certainly do you.

MY dreams and hopes? Well, I may stand out for NOT having too many wishes; you see, recent events in my life (such as the death of my dear Aunt Luisa) have made me reconsider my place in life… and be thankful for what I DO have, instead of complaining about what I don’t. Still, here’s a list of things I want from Life:

*A good, REGULAR job, one that pays well, is easy to do, maybe fun as well, and where either I work alone or have coworkers I actually ENJOY working with. A desk job of some sort, or one at home would be best.

*Health. Not that I’m sick or anything, but I do have certain annoyances in my person I would like to correct- like getting laser surgery to fix my farsightedness.

*To work as a writer and have my work published. (This is separate from the first hope above because most of the time, you CANNOT make a living as a writer, unless the public at large happens to decide YOUR creation is the best in the world for some reason COUGHHARRYPOTTERCOUGH!!) I just want to be part of the industries I’ve enjoyed so much: comics, anime, cartoons, RPGs, etc.

What about Love or a Family of my own? Well, that would be wonderful- but I have realized that love is one of those things in Life you cannot control; If it happens, great, if it doesn’t, well, at least I’m happy I got to exist and so have the chance to find love in the first place.

Now, can I have a cookie, Nessa? :moogle:

-Graduate from college armed with an Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design and degree in Studio Art

-Move out of this godforsaken state

-Work for the gaming industry as a concept artist.

-Find the right guy (eventually)

-Never settle down, get a minivan, etc. (hella no!) ::dekar!::

Let’s see:
[li]pass my A Levels
[/li][li]find TRUE love
[/li][li]travel to America & Japan
[/li][li]find a way to ‘make a difference’ in this world
[/li][li]to skydive
[/li][li]to snowboard on a huge mountain
[/li][li]perfect as many martial arts as I can
[/li][li]to make it on my own, without any help
[/li][li]to find inner/outer peace
[/li][li]to die in a way that will be remembered at least by some