Hopes & Dreams

Strange, how one thing can provoke a seemingly endless train of thoughts. I saw a girl with cat ears on her head at school today, and somehow, I ended up thinking about what I want out of life. What I want to experience, where I want to go… and even how if I hadn’t wasted all my savings in middle school, I’d be able to do so much more. Maybe one day, before I’m trapped in the adult world of overtime, mortgages, and the kids’ soccer practice, I can.

Most of you don’t care where I am or where I’m going. That’s fine; I’d just like to shar some of my own hopes and dreams with those who do care, and perhaps inspire some enlightening conversation on this message board.

[li]I want to participate in a mass-meeting of RPGCers. Sure, we have our ups and downs here, but I still love you guys. You really are the family I never had.
[/li][li]I want to take a cross-continental roadtrip. Ideally, I’d go down to California first, since it’s closest, then go east. From there, I’d go north into Canada, and head back west through there, south into Washington state, and back home. The purpose of this trip, other than seeing North America? To meet more of my online friends! Dur. :stuck_out_tongue:
[/li][li]I want to go to Japan. Yeah a fairly common one for a video game/anime nerd like myself. But seriously, I think I’d feel so comfortable there. It just… fits me. I don’t think I could live there, however. Too many people I’d leave behind. I just want to see the sights, hear the sounds, and, last but definately not least, experience the shopping. Gods, I want to shop in Japan.
[/li][li]I want to go to Europe, too. That seems fun. More people, too. ^^
[/li][li]I want to live on my own. “Well, DUH,” some of you might think. And I WILL live on my own someday (unlike my brother, more on that some other day), hopefully within the next 8 or 9 months. But I’m looking forward to it because, well, I want to make my own choices. About food, about TV, about anything would be great at this point. And I just can’t stand the way my dad runs the household. He’s just… not good at it. I’m tired of living with his awful choices.
[/li][li]I’d like to write a (good) fan fic someday. I’m so terrible at writing fiction, however, so that’s just a fantasy. :hahaha;
[/li][li]I want to own the soundtracks to games and movies with kick-ass music, and other kick-ass music, too. A small goal, but worthy nonetheless. If only I had money. ;
[/li][li]I want to have a job that makes me happy, AND pays well. The one thing I don’t ever want to do is not be able to live comfortably. I don’t want to be in debt. But if I had to sacrafice my mental well-being in order to d oso, my life to that point will have had no meaning whatsoever.
[/li][li]I want to go to college, and get a degree. In what, I don’t know. A simple, common goal, yet one that I am still offtrack for. If anyone has wondered where I’ve been lately, I’ve been studying my arse off, trying to raise my grade-point average, so I can get INto college.
[/li][li]Having my own website would be cool, if I could think of a subject for one. Of course, I’d be willing to settle with being a staffer here (if only I knew a thing about any of the games that don’t have shrines already).
[/li][li]I wish I had some sort of artisitc talent. One that people can appreciate. I’m often told I do have a talent, hidden within me somewhere. I hate when things hide from me. >.>
[/li][li]As an adult, I want to have some friends in real life I can talk to and hang out with when I need a break. I hope this will be easier than it is now.
[/li][li]I want a male beagle named Spike. Anyone who reads “Peanuts” should know why. Spike kicks ass.
[/li][li]Of course, I want to get married to the love of my life. Don’t you think planning a wedding would be the most fun thing in the universe? :moogle: However, I wouldn’t get into that until my husband-to-be and I are both financially stable.
[/li][li]The one that’s furthest away: I think being a parent would be cool. Ideally, I think I’d want one girl and one boy, and maybe another of either sex. I’m going to name my eldest daughter Cyra. Hopefully by then though, I won’t be as terrified at the idea of me having kids. <.<

What are some of your goals, dreams, etc.? You don’t have to list as many as I did-- hell, I didn’t even realize I had this many, and that’s just off the top of my head. @_@

Oh, and to anyone who actually bothered to read through the whole thing: Thanks. It means a lot to me. :slight_smile: gives you a cookie

end of Nessa’s longest post!

My hopes and dreams?

  1. To find love, mind you, not to rare a dream is it?

  2. To be a successful author, I love writing, and authors get loads of money.

  3. To own a large amount of bladed weapons, a childish dream perhaps, yet a realistic one, indeed I have already begun my collection.

  4. To earn the respect of others.

  5. To meet teh kawaii Nessa ^_~ (j/k)

Ah yes, respect. How could I forget that one? x_x

My Dreams: money and power

Bad Nessa :stuck_out_tongue:

[li]Repect of family and friends, as has been said. I’m lucky enough that i already have this.
[/li][li]I always wanted to visit America. Luckily I’ll soon have the chance, as I’m going to Uni next year.
[/li][li]Authoring would be fantastic, but a good job I enjoy and could live off would be fine.
[/li][li]Good exam results. 0_o

That’s really it. I can’t say love because I royally screwed it up once before and don’t really want that again. Not a long list, but it’s what I want, so; meh.

-To break away my from parent’s expectations very soon. I’m only 16 and I’m their lil pride and joy but I hate living to please. I want to get away from being their baby and grow into an adult woman without them smothering me.

-After high school I am going to spend some time in Texas where my boyfriend is originally from. It’ll be kind of like running away, only not, he’s going to take care of me, and I’m going to take a year off being college to travel, so I’m hitting Brownsville first.

-To grow into the idealism of parenthood. Right now I can’t fathom pushing an 8 pound kid out through my vagina but I guess it’ll eventually come to me. Being pregnant probably will change everything, and I do want to become a mother someday.I’ll give my first child a sibling, or more because I never had brothers and sisters.

-I want to get married at an early age. Binding my life to someone does not scare me, nor does commitment and I’m really looking forward to sharing my life with my sweetie.

-I want to meet my step brother who I have never met before. I don’t even know if he knows about me, since he found out several years ago only that his dad was only his step father. I think it would be interesting.

-Visiting my online friends. I cherish them as much as an “offline” friend. To do so, I am going to travel around the world, to interesting places such as The Hague, Holland to meet my ass shaking buddy Wes, Brazil to meet Ren and Ren (one of those Ren’s would be RPGC Ren ^^), Pittsburg United States to meet Jess my online partner in crime, Wales to meet Matthew who I always tease as my brother, and lots of other places like England, Scotland, Sweden, Malaysia, Portugal, and such.

-I also want to go to Japan for various reasons.

-I want to have lots of animals in my upcoming life, a pack of dogs, or cats and I will name them all after Witch Hunter Robin’s main characters-Robin, Amon, Doujima, Sakaki, Karasuma, Michael and Nagira which I think will be FANTASTIC ^^

-I too wanna make a website, devoted to my writings, and my anime obsessions…I want to do tributes to unknown or underrated( and mega popular) anime characters and such, and also do a major subpage tribute to WHR.

-I wanna learn how to ride a horse. it’s such a free spirited activity

-I want to learn some type of martial arts. I love watching people spar and I have the utmost respect for someone who can. Which is why I love me boyfriend so much because he is a fuedal ass kicker ^^ He is going to teach me Karate and Iajitsu

-I am going to be aware and save the life of every animal that I can. I am a sucker for domestic and wild animals and I want to be more active in trying to save the lovely creatures of our world

-get reactivated and go overseas
-figure out what I want to major in
-get a girlfriend
-live comfortably
-get over my extreme shyness
-retire from the military (keeping in mind that I’m not activated every other year to go to Iraq or something like that)
-get over my fear of heights
-go to jump school
-become and officer(ditto about the activation thing)
-graduate from college

  • have kids
  • raise kids well
  • keep good job
  • maybe be a good artist

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Interesting topic, and cool dreams. Anyway here is my list:
<li>Climb Mt. Everest
<li>Be successful with my career
<li>Find love
<li>Log 5000 miles hiked
<li>Meet all you wacky individuals, and the floating mass of 17 posters. I’m on to you >.>
<li>Attain a masters degree
<li>Get in shape
<li>Scuba dive
<li>Sky dive
<li>Risk my life in other extreme sports
<li>Get good at DDR
<li>Go to a Metallica and or Iron Maiden concert
<li>Die doing something I love, not be all feeble and decrepid, yay I lived to be 100 with the help of 90 million machnes.
Yeah thats my list, I have more, but too tired to type, gave blood today.

my dreams always consist of me in a room, covered in honey and donut sprinkles.

…>Oh, HOPES! Well, then, ignore what I just said.

Anyway, my dreams…

[li]Find a good man or woman; I’m not picky.
[/li][li]Learn that sauid person is the one for me.
[/li][li]Move to Vermont, get married.
[/li][li]Have, or preferably adopt a child.
[/li][li]Raise the child in my fashion.
[/li][li]Let the little hellion loose upon the World.
[/li][li]Learn to dance and sing.

Strange, this thread is in the main forum, and this thread also made me post in it, which is strange, cause this thread is in the main forum.

Yes, I may be Young, I’m only 14, But i still have (Childish, maybe) Hopes and Dreams.

-I would like to master my english, and travel to a english-speaking country to practice it.

  • Learn Latin, French and Portuguese (This may sound stupid and useless, but I’ve always dreamt with being Multilingual)

-Become what I really want to become: I want to follow my Ideals (As much as possible), and become what I really want to become

  • Travel to France, and Italy (I really don’t know why i want to go there, It’s just a childish dream of mine)

-Go to a good college, and get a degree.

-Mantain communication with my friends, forever.

heh nice topic hmm here is all i can think of right now…
-to get a girlfriend
-to have better eyesight so i dont have to wear contacts and glasses anymore
-get better grades
-to have one day that no one stares at me becuase of my face (my eyebrows are the color of my skin and the fact i have i naturally squint alot cause i surgery as a kid cause of my eyes ) :too bad;
-to be more athletic
and thats about it really.

  • To become a kickass rock star! Yeah! Woo!.. after I learn another instrument. Or play the baritone as a guest musician.

  • Become the offensive co-ordinator of the Edmonton Eskimos or Kansas City Chiefs.

  • Get killer abs

I can’t really make that many wishes, I haven’t lived enough life to truly find out.

Meh, you all wanna find love and become authers…
Ive found love, its so painful when it ends in such a way, been through the party stage (going to partys getting drunk having one night stands) found my sexuality at about 15… life is really fun buuut it can be hard.
At the moment all of my friends are about to go to Uni, one wants to join the army and theres me all depressed and alone now, i still dont have a clue what i ant to do in life, the only plans i really have are (in 3 months) going to find my dad, he lives in wales but i havnt seen him for about 5 years, i got enough money to go find him, i wanna travel, but alone then at the end of it, if i ever get over my lost love i may settle down.

I really like this idea. ^.^

[li]I want to graduate top of my class. If that’s not possible, I want to graduate at least in the top twenty range.
[/li][li]I want to go to law school
[/li][li]I, too, want to build a successful website and post my fanfics and music videos there where everyone would like to see them
[/li][li]I want to get married
[/li][li]I want to have two kids. Three is pushing it.
[/li][li]I want to stay best friends with Jessi, my best friend since seventh grade. She was always there for me and never gave up on me when I wanted to give up on life and all that.
[/li][li]I want to own a larger collection of video games. Preferably the Final Fantasy Series.
[/li][li]I want to master DDR
[/li][li]I would like to travel to Japan as well. Maybe even England. But defenately Japan.
[/li][li]I want to become a well known writer, online or in the real world. I’m not picky.
[/li][li]I want to write a song.
[/li][li]I want to finish my manga-like story within the next year or so.
[/li][li]I want to learn how to draw.
[/li][li]I want to be successful in life. Spiritually, financially, emotionally, etc.

Yeah, kinda lame. But this is what I want.

Ok… my hopes & dreams… some of these won’t surprise those who know me well :stuck_out_tongue:

These are not in any order of preferrence, btw.

First off, graduate as a successful game designer and programmer(working on that now) from my college.

Learn to write and play music on a high-end synthesizer (Yeah !!)

Catch up with the Square OSTs I’ve missed out since U : SaGa ($_$)

Work for Squeenix or Konami, probably as designer or sound engineer/composer/programmer.

Meet the RPGC Staff :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to an Iron Maiden Concert

Live a successful life without any financial nor emotional problems(Tough luck, I know -_-)

Travel the world over, but especially europe and japan.

Find the “one” for me, get married(possibly), have a kid and raise him/her to be a respectful and conscient individual.

That’s pretty much all I can think up for now :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I the only female here who doesn’t want to have kids? o_o;

-Major things: overcome some of my insecurities, stop worrying so damn much about little things, and be more confident in my abilities. I actually feel alot happier about where I am in my life right now than I have in a long time… just one piece of the puzzle is a bit askew… but looking on the bright side, at least it’s still in the picture.
-Law school. While I may bitch and moan about my job, working at a law office has made me even more eager to go for it. It was my dream when I was a kid, and I think I can finally realize it.
-Superficial things: I want a M3! and a SL500! Metal pads for ddr! A house with a pool and tennis courts! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of course, I’d love to travel all over the world… I’ll start with the parts of the U.S. and Canada I haven’t seen yet though. Other countries can wait til I’m rich or my dad’s feeling generous. :slight_smile:

In terms of moving out… honestly, I could care less. While my sister can be annoying as all hell, I can do whatever I feel like, and I don’t need to worry about rent. If I can get a roof over my head for free until I graduate from law school, I’ll be a very happy girl <.<

And I guess lately I’ve been getting excited about learning languages… I think I’m gonna start studying Japanese again, and I might go for French too. It would be awesome to be multi-lingual… if I could add German to the list too, then I could converse with all the foreign speakers in my life. ;D

Originally posted by Astral
Am I the only female here who doesn’t want to have kids? o_o;

Actually, for me, Kids is a secondary dream, only to be pursued if my main dream can’t kick off fully.

I wanna be a Judge. Plain and simple.