Hope is Emo

LOL, she’s emo to the MAX!!

Ah, yes. I saw this from Askaninja the other day. I wish I could say I didn’t know someone like this in High school, but I did. So it made me laugh all the harder.

It wasn’t just the words that were dying, I felt quite a few things inside me perish, and I mean that in the most sarcastic sense possible.

On another note, those that have GTA: San Andreas, tune into Radio X and listen to the DJ there, I swear I’ve found her sister.

See, there actually are people like this IRL. I’m so happy I’m out of high school.

Ive seen worse (in real life too so I win) but hopefully the upcoming episodes get better.

Yesh That girl is so emo.
I’ve got so many of them at my high school it’s not funny.

Everyone run the emos are taking over the world!

This is going to piss hope off!


Don’t double-post. Therte’s an edit button for a reason.

That was very funny.l…o…l…:frowning:

Im serious that was actually funny, I thought emos were supposed to be annoying.

It’s not a serious video, in case anyone thought it was

Here is episode two