hooking my system to my comp

how might i go about doing this…i dont believe my monitor is special in anyway but when i tried hooking it up and such(i have this peice that takes a red white yellow to a jack the size of a headphone) but i wasnt able to find a jack that said AV in only an audio in so… am i outta luck?

Use clearer language, please.

And if you didn’t find the right connections, it means that you either should buy a new sound card or give up. Or maybe take a look at the back of your case, if all you tried was on the monitor.

i think (big guess) he is trying to hook his console up to his pc monitor. if so i dont know of anyways to do it. sorry bub

You need a system designed for a computer for it to work. You can’t just buy speakers and a tuner and hook it to a computer. Furthermore, you have to have a good soundcard (ie one that isn’t integrated into your motherboard).

I’m assuming he means system as in sound equipment.

1: You either need a RCA Video input jack on your video card, which most don’t have, or a TV Tuner card with RCA capabilities.

2: You need a sound card with RCA Audio input jack(s). You probably won’t have this unless you’re a hardcore sound freak. In such a case, you can also use a stereo with auxiliary input.

im just taking into the fact that he mentioned an AV cable. it could be a dvd player or anything else of that sort. but you could always ignore me if im being stubborn =)

i didnt mean sound wise i got that all figured out…sry im kinda tired so i wasnt speking clearlyi meant like getting my gamecube or ps2 to be playable over my monitor, i can get sound, but not visiual…

Oh Boy, Nutter type post.

There are 2 ways That I know about. Both requiring Hardware.

  1. TV “Capture” Card. You can play and record some Video. Here some thing a Captured ealier Very Useful for making Shrines. I would NOT recomend Getting USB one the Quality is very Noticeble. Some recent PC’s have one of these built in. With these Check if you are pluggin them in the right plugs

  2. S/Video to VGA Box. This basicly Coverts your three Plugs of Yellow white and red to your Standard Pc stuff. This Basicly Make your PC Moniter and Speakers act like your telly. Trust are the only company does this box to my knowallge.

I am Asumming your Monitor has the Standard Vga and Power plugs Only.

Big Nutter
I would like More info.

yeah everythings pretty standard right now, but in acouple months i get my computer…ALIENWARE YAY! so yeah im gonna try and get a monitor that as the ability for tv usageto make my life easier.

Uhm, i don’t know about all the stuff everyone else posted…but why don’t you just get a VGA box? That’s the way connecting consoles to PC has always been done.

Just google for “VGA Box”, theres tons out there, but they all generally look like this-
<img src=“http://www.goldenshop.com.hk/AI-trad/IMAGES/m_vgabox.jpg”>

I use one called the “HAIS box” for my DC, but i’m pretty sure that one is DC only.