Hook 'Em Horns \m/

Okay, I’m not a Texas fan (Go Dawgs), and I hate orange (color of evil), but tonight, I was rooting for Texas against those damn USC Trojans. And Texas pulled off the win 41-38, ending USC’s quest for an AP Threepeat and a BCS Repeat. So, for one game only, I was a Texas fan (although I refused to wear Burnt Orange). I’m happy that a bunch of Pac-10 sissies don’t get the first major football threepeat, and I’m glad USC won’t go down as THE GREATEST EVER (get off your knees and wipe off the jizz from your mouth, ESPN).

However, despite my USC hatred, I LOVED Lendale White’s performance. I’ve always thought he’s better than Bush. He’s just a good, dominant powerback. Unfortunately, because he’s not as glitzy as SUPERMAN HIMSELF (fuck you, Mark May), he gets no love.

Hook 'Em Horns. \m/

Hook 'Em Horns. \m/

Great game, some of the officiating was ridiculous though. I’m not normally a college FB fan but damn, I got sucked in by it. And yeah, Lendale White played really well. Props to him in the losing effort.

PS. Matt Leinart, grow the hell up.


I love USC… and I was freaking out when they lost. Vince Young just ran all over the USC defense. I got to give him credit, but that doesnt stop me from being mad that SC lost. Damn…

Edit: One of the Texas TD’s Vince Young was down, and he did do a forward lateral, but im no sore loser. But WTF they didnt even review it. They reviewed every other damn play.

They couldn’t review it because Texas snapped the ball before the officials could blow the play dead. They ended up missing the PAT though.

I too was rooting for Texas in this game and I’m glad they won.

Even if USC did win, it wouldn’t be a 3-peat. If I remember correctly, LSU was in the bowl game that had the words National Championship in it in 2004 (?) and won that game, and yet no one seemed to recognize that in the USC hype.

Matt WHINEART lolz.

That was a great game. USC played well and they showed why they were so dangerous and why they kept winning most of the year (i.e. Reggie Bush actually was contained for the most part, but LenDale White went nuts. Dwayne Jarrett the wide receiver had a good game too.)

And Texas proved that they were a little better than a lot of people thought. And Vince Young is simply superhuman. He took over that game.

Congratulations University of Texas. Congratulations to USC on a very impressive run. Great game all around.

Yeah! Metal! \m/

Living in Texas, I’m surrounded by fans of either Texas Tech, A&M, or UT. I’m not exactly a sports fan, and, quite honestly, I didn’t know much about how to play football until this year (and I’m still not 100% clear on it), but I’ve been off and on watching the UT games just because some of my friends are attending/alumni/family of alumni, and watch them rather closely. One of my best friends, who’s also my boss, was at the game in Austin last night.

There was a game in Austin last night? I thought it was in LA. >.>

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What Gila said.

USC’s years of dominance will still go down as the greatest college football run in history.

The Rose Bowl was in Pasadena, which is in California. It’s held there every year, regardless of the teams playing.

Apparantly, as I learned today, UT sets up a place for alumni to gather in Austin to watch football games. Silly me, I thought that, if someone wanted to watch football on TV, they’d watch it at home… -_-

I see you have forgotten about The Streak. Oklahoma’s 47 win streak is still more dominant than this (and it’s a crime they only got 2 national titles out of the equivalent to 4 undefeated seasons in a row). Hell, I might even put the 80s DA U above USC’s current run. It’s not known as the Decade of Dominance for nothing.

Like every sporting event, I was rooting for the Blacks, Redsocks, or Nordiques. None of 'em pulled through.

Now, I’m no football pro, but I have a friend whose dad watched Friday Night Lights, and he told me that USC didn’t actually lose. The Texans, the bloody savages that they are, took the families of those poor football players hostage and threatened to slaughter them like in Munich unless they lost the game. See? They had no choice. :[ But nonetheless, we all cried at school due to the unfairness of it all.

Jenna Bush salutes you.

The 984, I am waiting for your NFL playoffs picks. There are only 8 RPGC members who care about the game. Well, 7 have already submitted their selections. Common man, don’t leave me hanging :wink:

Stupid Bushes… why’d they have to come from Texas? Why’d they have to make my state suck even more than it already did? Why can’t they just admit that they’re from Connecticut… ;_;