Hoo boy. -_-

(Bear with me as im a bad speller >> <<)

This month shall prove interesting.

For the past half of a year, (maybe more) my friend has had a “cyber girlfriend.” They were pretty tight, and really nice to one another. They talked about crap and laughed and generally made one another feel better. The feeling was mutual, im positive, its not like one wanted the other to leave her or him alone. After a few months they started to be a little more close, sending each other “pics” and cybering, and all that jazz. This went on for about another few months. About a month ago they started to talk about “meeting.” This is not as easy as it sounds because the distance between the two is pretty big. They planned it out, my friend (the guy) would go down next spring and they would hang out.

Now here is where i come in. I was the one who introduced them. I talked to the girl for about a month before i introduced them. We never became as close as my friend and her, and really talked about nothing other than “american idol.” Im not like some rapist or anything. Im just a very paranoid guy. And i want to get as far from this as i can.

Now, the girls parents have found out about my friend and this girl having a “relationship” over the net. Whoever told them must’ve really drummed the story up because apparently (again, im going with what friends have told me) they are really taking this seriously. I’m sure any normal parents would not treat this as seriously as they are. They have taken away the girls phone, computer, internet axcess, and are scanning them all. They are checking her phone records, emails, IMs, anything that could relate her to my friend. I think they are under the impression that my friend is the type of internet predator who stalks women. He IS NOT. Not in the least. But now that they are under this impression, I am worried they would press charges (that probably wont happen, but im a paranoid guy. i hope they wont)

Im paraniod becuase i think that i might get in trouble too. Because i was the one who first met her and introduced them, i think that puts me in her parents targets, even though i only talked to her for about a week, and never was as “serious” as my friend. Im just worried about it is all.

Long story short. Im getting rid of the internet and im going to try to stop using my computer as much. I dont want to get in trouble or anything, and the first thing i want to do is remove myself from the situation. Sooooo-

Im gunna go. Im sure i will be back, everyone who leaves RPGC comes back eventually (hell, even orakio did, albeit just for one post). So. Cya, for awhile. I think ill be only a month at the most (until christmas when i get a new CPU). unless i do get in trouble.

Don’t worry, you should be safe. If they get on your case, tell em to fuck off and mind they’re own damn buisness.

Wait - how old are you people?

I’ve never really suported the whole “cyber” thing. Kinda odd if you ask me.
But getting rid of your internet? Thats going a little far don’t you think?
Expecially since the girl’s cyber partner is your friend, not you.

Sucks for them.

I wouldn’t worry about it. The girl’s parents can’t send the lawdogs on you or your buddy, unless the girl herself says theres something wrong. And judging from what you’ve told us of the relationship, that ain’t going to happen. Plus, for online “predators”, the police need seriously damning evidence before they can take any action at all.

But, if you’ve already decided you’re leaving, I guess we can’t stop you. Seeya later dude, and hope this whole thing with your buddy works out.

Im with Sorcerer you really should be safe,but i suppose that any parent would react like that but i hope all this problem can be solved so if you are really going to go for a month all i can say is,see you later:wave:

OK, Devillion, you are too paranoid.

You are safe, getting rid of the net is going to far.

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Getting off of the internet might actually cause undue suspicion on their part. Why would you suddenly just disappear off the face of the Earth at this point, hm? You know what I’m saying?

Hell, by creating this thread you may have just trapped yourself. DUN DUN DUUUNNNNNN!


Don’t worry about it. Besides, getting off the net completely and stuff won’t solve anything. If they want to track you down too they will, despite you using a computer now. Remember that you do have an ISP number that they can use to find if they choose to, nto that they’d really be able to do anything. By getting rid of your comptuer it’s a bit like getting rid of aa gun after killing someone, the gun is still attached to you despite you having control of it. Now the situautions are different in that you aren’t at fault, but I can’t think of a btter exmple right now. Bottomline, just chill; you aren’t going to get into trouble. And if worst comes to worse, just follow a simple saying Marines say at times, “Semper I, fuck the other guy” (semper means always). Just say you never knew your buddy was like that and you were just introducing him to a friend you met, like we are. Besides, nothing will happen, you’re a minor. I’ve had bogus charges pressed against me (a guy attacked me, he ended up getting a little hurt) and the police dropped them. Just relax, don’t loose sleep over it, keep your computer and coming online, forget about it.

What? What charges would they fucking press? talking to their daughter online? You or your freind cannot get in trouble in any way.

Originally posted by Shinobi
What? What charges would they fucking press? talking to their daughter online? You or your freind cannot get in trouble in any way.

That’s where stretching the truth comes into play.

But seriously, they can’t do anything to you.

Originally posted by Shinobi
What? What charges would they fucking press? talking to their daughter online? You or your freind cannot get in trouble in any way.

I know, I’m just tryign to ay that even if his worst fears came true, they couldn’t do shit even if they found him.

Regardless it’s a good idea to stay away from it. Her parents could freak out and do something ridiculous like call the parents of your friend, your parents, the whole works.

I think the girl’s parents are being more than extremists. But I also think that starting a date by the internet is not wise. Ok, your friend is not a stalker, rapist or whatever, but for the girl it was a risk. And even so, it mostly ends up with the teenagers discovering things they don’t like about each other that they couldn’t see by the internet, then breaking the relationship while it’s still early.

Paranoia is unhealthy. You didn’t do anything wrong and have nothing to worry about. Of course, if what you said is true, the girl’s parents have no trust in her at all and may stir up a fuss. It’s a shame that you feel so uncomfortable about the situation, but a break every once in a while is a good thing.

Hopefully we’ll see you around again soon. Take care.

And I thought my parents were bad…

They rushed it. Uh huh. Big mistake.

You know… thay can’t press charges against you or your friend.

but anyways, see you at Christmas.

It is highly unlikely that you will get into any problems, and if they try to get you into any problems, it’s very likely that it will end up being them that gets into problems.

And to say it, unless you get suspected of terrorism, the principle of being innocent until proven guilty still counts.

My parents are saints compared to yours O.o
Hell, my mom even talked to Charl a lot. He hit on her plenty, too :stuck_out_tongue: