Honestly, some people!

I’m not sure I deserved this…

NESGamerSince88: Hey
Charlemagne EPL: hiiiiii guuuuyyyy
NESGamerSince88: Someone is fucked up this morning
Charlemagne EPL: whoooo?
NESGamerSince88: You.
Charlemagne EPL: whhyy meee?
NESGamerSince88: You know what?
Charlemagne EPL: whaat?
NESGamerSince88: Fuck you cocksucker.
Charlemagne EPL: ooohh myyy goodnessss
NESGamerSince88 signed off at 3:14:09 AM.
Charlemagne EPL: whats the maatteerrr, guuuyyy?

This, I may have deserved.

James Bond Fanatic says:
Fucked up cocksucking motherfucker.
Charlemagne says:

Yeah, sorry. I was bored.


Poor merlmagne.

You so deserved it… cocksucker.

That guy has AIMed me too, I have no clue who it is though.

He IMed me as well

I think he’s from Newfoundland or Quebec, but he wouldn’t say for sure
He also thought I was a girl

Same here. First he called me a shithead for not responding immediately to his greeting. Then he went on to say tjhat my choice ibn music sucked. Which is interesting, as I’m ecclectic, so I like nearly every genre, probably whatever he likes, too, thus saying his own choice in music sucked. At this point, he responds with “W/F/E”, which i have NEVER seen online beforer but apparently I should know, and then he called me a “cocksucking motherfucker”. Or a “motherfucking cocksucker”. I forget which.

I’m SERIOUSLY getting close to blocking thist asshat.

Sounds like the guy has something against RPGC. I would suggest hunting him down and stealing every cent he has, but since he’s probably only eight, I don’t think that’ll work.

Besides, I don’t want to get off my lazy ass.

It’s BladeWarrior from the chat.

That was my suggestion first, but he never used any form of obscenity that I can remember. Maybe you’re right and he’s just a different form of retard on AIM than he is on IRC?

He never said anything but “Hey” to me, but I also never responded.

Yeah, he IMed me too. I asked him where in canada he lived and was like “I dont want to give out personal information.” Then i kinda asked his birthday and he was like “dont ask me anymore personal questions.” So I blocked him. Cause that’s gay.

He signed up as WarriorOfDestiny on the forums.

He didn’t touch me. Man, is it just me, or do the stupid do something similar to asexual reproduction? He doesn’t seem too bright.

He IMed me. I blocked him shortly after.

He went on #rpgc shortly after everyone blocked/ignored him and started mouthing off and swearing to DS and the others there, and randomly PM’d people with c/p’s insults. Meh.

I forget the usernames, but once my perverted 7 year old cousin Eddie did this:

Eddie: Hi!
Person: Um…Hi.
Eddie: You are an A__!
Eddie: Haha! Bit__!
Person: Riggggght.
Eddie: Poooooooooooooop!
Person: El Stupido.
Person: fjesbbsehbrrghbjeksebhfdu

The only reason he spelt half of it right was because he made me help him. The ‘Person’ was my other cousins friend. And, of course the swears were really there.

I feel left out. :bowser:

If there were any doubts that you were only 10, I think that clinches it.